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  1. Just forgot to mention - His name is Dilip (055-2391074) All tyres are brand new Cheers Guys !!! Hahaha ... Rahim Bhai, how I wish. Offer validity "OVER" I took it before you - hahaha !!! But Alas !!! it's "FOR SALE"
  2. Hi Guys !!! A dear friend has a "FORD EXPLORER" 2010 model which he wishes to give away instant. 78,500 kms done Beautifully maintained Overall in a lovely condition All tyres are brand new Contact Dilip - 055-2391074 Please keep your EYES & EARS open to grab it. Take Care dears ... Bye now !!!
  3. Hi guys !!! totally confused with the mails thread ... can't figure out whether or not I've qualified !!! Thanks, Cheers !!!
  4. Hi Everyone, though I was pretty much kicked up for this drive ... owing to some goof-up, could not RSVP. Request to put me on the WAIT LIST just in case anyone drops/ opts out !!!
  5. Hi guys, just took off my name from the RSVP owing to some pressing commitments. Remember me ... whosoever qualifies/ upgrades to the active team. Enjoy your drive guys !!!
  6. Hey Man (Lorenzo), getting more & more inquisitive (1 week down the line) as to the drone footage ... or did it eventually fly off in the opposite direction🥺
  7. Amazing/ Exciting drive ... Ale !!! I'm positive (under your leadership) all of us will become pro's in no time - a lovely time. The last minute route change was an icing on the cake !!! Looking forward to many more ... with you. Take care & Cheers !!!
  8. Noted my dear, sorry for that. I actually go to the gym daily at 6.30 pm & hence told my daughter for both - either/or. Unknowingly, she did both & told me when I got home. Precisely, I told her the same thing. I’m not in for the afternoon one. Apologies for the goof up.
  9. Hi Marshal (Ale), indeed a wonderful drive. Immaculate terrain selection though I did have 1 hiccup (probably getting to know my 3 weeks old FJ) ... but as they aptly say in "Carnity" that you don't learn without hiccups. A special note to "Angela" for her ever inspiring dialects. Enjoyed to the core, looking forward to the upcoming weekend ... Cheers !!!
  10. Hi Marshal, does the dropout of our buddy Yusuf Esaf imply that I can start to see "$$$" signs !!! It appears my passion/ prayers have been answered ... with due regards to "Yusuf". Trust all OK with him.
  11. hi, was glued on to the laptop since 06:45 ... but Alas !!! last minute glitch. Please add me to the waiting list
  12. Pickey Singh

    Pickey Singh

  13. Our champion Fredrik, Indeed ... a brilliant time out there today. Rightly so, a great discovery (front tow hook) in my "DISCOVERY SPORT". I added a feather in my cap ... on your expense (courtesy). Spot On (a great Leader quality) - to catch me "napping" in the 1st. 20 mins or so. Clearly, the accumulated rust of last 2 months was visible until the 2nd. alarm (sweep car) to narrow my front car gap. From there on, it was no looking back !!! Buddy, the track you chose was "Simply Amazing" ... hip, hip horray !!!
  14. Hi Sri, It appears the "Pink rock" is jinxed for me ... 1st. time (28th. feb) I missed by a whisker. And now !!! Ahhh
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