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  1. Hi, I want to fix an overhead storage box on my Pajero to put my camping gear. I would be thankful if anyone can help with the following: 1. Where can I have this box fixed? 2. Do I need any approvals from RTA or similar authorities? 3. What is the expected cost? 4. are these boxes quite sturdy and easy to install and uninstall? many many thanks
  2. Hi Chirag and Gaurav.. how far can a sedan go in Wadi Sena? One of my friends has a sedan. Although have suggested that he park at the base of the Wadi and hop into any of our cars.
  3. Thanks Gaurav. Greatly appreciate. will definitely post the experience. Once I get on the off road track., how far do I need to go in order to find a decent spot to camp? As i mentioned above we do not want to go too deep or high as of now.
  4. Thanks Chirag and Gaurav. The time is short to do a recce now but that you for your offer. Will take this up in our future trips. But will be guided by your advice. There will be 2-3 cars but none of us are very experienced off roads to we do not plan to go very high up just heat so will cam closer to the base. Any ideas on that? Also.. can I do camping and off-roading till April? Does the weather permit?
  5. Hello Chirag, Hope you are well. Since you have been to Wadi Sena, would greatly appreciate your suggestions. We are planning to go here for a day long camping. The Google Map location takes me to a small settlement with few houses around. Is there any place which is more secluded The below pic is what I see as per google maps. Anything else we need to be careful of? Thanks so much
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