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  1. Rahimdad, pls offer my wait list place to another driver. I have gout and can't really drive so comfortably. Sorry to be a drop out, hoping the place will be filled soon, sure it will. Rgds & safe driving to all, Andy
  2. Took longer to navigate out of Qudra Lakes than we did on the drive. 🤪 Super drive route. Really started getting a good feel for the Pajero and its capabilities on a more demanding drive. Thanks Lorenzo and all.
  3. Hi Chaitanya, pls be so kind as to offer my drive spot to a wait listed member. I messed up and did the Lasalli drive this morning with Lorenzo and Richard, I didn't double check the dates. So sorry for any inconvenience, but I am sure that somebody will take the slot. My Paj can't manage two back to back drives I think. Needs a little tarmac time. Look forward to next time, Andy
  4. Super drive, thanks to all. Great biryani banter. Thanks to Rahimbhai and all senior drivers. Some pics: When the general is stuck, everybody digs (unless of course you have a bad back)
  5. It seems there are a few wait listed ppl here. I have injured my back today. If my slot can be filled easily, I will withdraw, if not I will attend. Jus let me know. I prefer not to leave a group last minute, but if someone is available for slot, then is fine.
  6. I am really sorry Asif, but something has come up that rules me out for Friday. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.
  7. Hey Atarmid, I opted to get rid at a sml loss. Sold as seen. I kind of lost trust in the product after that. The repair quotes ranged from 6k to 27k. I sold it and bought an equivalent Paj. I would recommend that to anyone. It's a shame because I love the heritage of the LR brand. I wish I'd bought a desert ready LR2, but I guess that's Harry Hindsight for you.
  8. Jeez, the beeping drives me nuts, it's not like I don't wear or want to wear seat belt, I do, most the time. But if I'm going from point A to point B in a wadi or something it's driving me crazy. Any tips or advice, can it be disabled / disconnected. Thanking in advance, Andy
  9. Super drive today. So different without seeing another single convoy out there, think group must try to keep this exploration area a secret as long as possible. @Ale Vallecchi really enjoyed the relaxed and reassuring guidance during the route. @Chaitanya obviously aware of new Fewbies, did a great job keeping guidance plain and simple. Would have loved to have seen that soft bowl you got swallowed by, it looked tricky. And @Foxtrot Oscar thank you also for your soothing support. Really like the route and area, thinking will be ideal for a desert camp now cooler weather finally arrived. Pleased to do most of the drive w window open. A good sign, summer is retreating 👍. Thank you to all, am just relieved none of my tyres popped off this week.
  10. https://gulfnews.com/uae/uae-video-four-cars-swept-away-in-floods-in-wadi-shais-khor-fakkan-1.1601352064920
  11. Hi Ale, If there is an option to be wait listed for this drive could I please reserve a slot. Thanks, Andy
  12. Hey Friday drivers, a couple of things I must say. Firstly thanks to Emmanuel, Chaitanya and Islam for gettting Pajero back on track. They worked expertly as a team and listened to each other's suggestions with patience and consideration whilst remaining as "COVID-aware" as possible, not easy. Secondly, I thank all the other convoy drivers for their patience, I know how much of the drive time was eaten up by that recovery and having been there myself (to a lesser extent) I can sympathise. So huge thank you to the trio of recoverers and a big thanks and apologies to other drivers. Obviously, these things are never intended. Good news is the Paj is driving like a total wreck, you all probably got back to Dubai before me, because driving was limited to 40kph, and we'll see, but I think some time will be spent in a repair shop. It is a shame we didn't take any pics of the recovery as it would have highlighted the severity of the situation, but tbh nobody seemed in the mood for taking the time out, myself included. Onwards and upwards, strength and honour and hopefully your next drive is less impacted by a desert recovery. Also, thanks to Greg for loan of his spare comms, please note it was sanitised before return.
  13. True, sad and unfair. The authorities could do more tho, if being honest. Just to close place of beauty or natural interest down isn't really fair. I didn't think so when it happened and I don't think so now. Patrols, wardens, fines etc. would part way fix things. In my opinion, is little lazy and also a real couldn't care attitude towards the general public. But, maybe I'm getting jaded.. Anyway at least there are still some really beautiful places to camp and visit responsibly. Am thankful for that. Think Heart Beach and that coastline were hit by a BIG oil spill 2 mths ago. Probably prefer to hide that mess from the masses.
  14. Hi Emmanuel, pls confirm me for the drive. Appreciated and looking forward to it. Rgds, Andy
  15. I understand if my designation as Fewbie is a problem, but in case I can be included, I have booked the appointment. I would love to do the drive.
  16. Hey Emmanuel, hope you well. I have Fewbie status, but without the 5 drives. Could I come on this drive, the other Fewbie option for the w/e is at capacity. Just let me know thanks, and no worries if not possible, I understand the circs. Rgds, Andy
  17. Super route and great driver support from the Carnity pros as always. After 6 wks away overseas, best thing about being back is getting into the desert for a morning drive. After struggling to get up the pink rock twice I realised I hadn't deselected ASC, which is total rookie, but also a good reminder that when you're out of a routine, even for a short while, the basics need to be remembered. Thanks again F and RB. Awesome work all.
  18. Thanks to both. Will follow up. 👍
  19. Anybody able to advise an option for 'best price' tyres, looking for a set of GEOLANDER or similar hybrid type tyre. Best, Mac
  20. Is it just me or does the new LR DEFENDER look like a Pajero without the body panels.. maybe is just the silver colour in this photo
  21. Much appreciated Sri et al. Enjoying the drives and look forward to some new ones 👍
  22. Super drive. Loved the route. Was perfect for practicing banking/traversing the dunes. Was a lot of fun. Thanks Sri, Emmanuel and Tbone.
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