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  1. @Nathan Evans I love that car of yours . Ever car has its strengths and its limitations. Once you know it you will always enjoy all sorts of terrain. Great to see the way you drove today. Well done
  2. Convoy list for tomorrow 1. Chaitanya 2. @Kailas 2nd Lead 3. @Nizam Deen 4. @Abu Muhammad 5. @Mohamed Seidam 6. @Islam Soliman 7. @Nabil Bishara 8. @marks 9. @Craig Finlayson 10. @Pancho Sweep Time for some fun and some learning, back in an area where most of us started desert driving. We will use Chanel 1 for Radio coms if any, which we will keep to minimum- except for briefing . Focus will be on 1. Stick to your basics and never forget them 2. All types of sand mode driving 3. Self recovery - as much as possible, then the buddy help comes in. Adjacent cars help in recovery - request you all to bring your recovery gear - shovel, soft shackle, floor jack (if you have) and kinetic ropes 4. Some serious off roading 😜🤣 albeit safe. 5. Come with a fuel tank as full as possible. Please note it could be quite foggy in the morning with poor visibility , DRIVE SAFELY TO THE STARTING POINT. See you all tomorrow morning
  3. Well deserved @Alexander Alcala, congratulations. Great to see you here with all the experience you have
  4. @Tero Vallas you will be added to the drive as you are next on WL, do you confirm ? Please remove your RSVP. Thanks for informing Jorge
  5. Extreme fish tailing and fighting gravity - one of the common causes for roll over
  6. @Nabil Bishara and @Mukundan Nair I will add you to the drive (stretch to 12 considering some late drop outs ) as I suppose you dont have RSVP on any drives for weekend. Kindly confirm , if you have any other drive then I will not add. @Tero Vallas and @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ you are on waitlist still (considering 2nd drive request) , but I will let you know as soon as there are any drop outs. Thanks
  7. @Francois Germishuys and @Ahab Shamaa thanks for informing. Would have been great to ride with you as I was excited too considering it was the first time we would drive together at IM ( great to see how you both have been driving and progressing with cheers), but I am happy you both have a confirmed full day drive on Friday. Have fun, see you soon Waitlist - First drive 1. Nabil 2. Mukundan Wait List - 2nd drive 1. Muhammad Kashaf razaq 2. Tero
  8. Waitlist - First drive 1. Nabil 2. Mukundan 3. Francois ( But I think you got a confirmed drive with Ale) Wait List - 2nd drive 1. Ahab Shamaa 2. Muhammad Kashaf Razaq 3. Tero
  9. Trip Report I would try my best to match the fantastic description by @Mohamed Seidam. We did arrive in time and prepped, with a short-ish convoy things looked much simpler and after a quick brief we started at Murquab Driving through the terrain from Murquab to Faqa via some tight dunes at start later on through a dirt track for few min , we made it to the Northern side of unknown road in Faqa where we generally start our drives. This terrain tested our ability to get in and out of smaller bowls with soft sand, but you all did extremely well. Especially at the back as sand was getting churned up. We drove across the tarmac avoiding the fence and had a break under a tree. Quite impressive how you all were very aware of not leaving any trash - even a cigarette bud which is technically non biodegradable. Thanks to @Alexander Alcala for reminding this. Then we headed across another tight patch of dunes , taking a slightly straight route crossing up and down baby dunes, which looked simpler at this level, but as you all remember these were the dunes where we crested as newbie and fewbie. Once on to the long range "honeymoon" dunes which Faqa ( and Lisaili) offers we did every thing at fast pace - slope, climbs, ridge riding, and criss crossing. Some of the ridges we rode were as close to almost a Km long, and it was great sight to watch you all enjoy it. We played here , doing multiple long ridge rides and then headed towards Little Sweihan. Such was the intensity here that we all wished we could ride more in these dunes - some of which were untouched and pristine considering the offroad season. We reached Little sweihan on time as planned and played into and out of the white sand bowls which this area has to offer. As we were heading towards south Qudra , Alex car had some mechanical issue causing clunking and hence exited through a straight route towards solar park. Thank you @Alexander Alcala for a perfect second lead, as always your presence with the experience you bring along is amazing. Hope your car issue is sorted soon. @Mukundan Nair, @Tero Vallas, @Mohamed Seidam, @Kailas thank you for joining and driving wonderfully well. @Anand Nataraj you missed a wonderful drive, but hope your issue is sorted. @Yousef Alimadadi appreciate you sweeping the convoy and congratulation on being an advance member now, eager to be on your leads soon. In all we did 100 + Km of off roading , which included all aspects of desert driving - at a faster pace with a "spunk". This is indeed a testament to how well you all drove, with very few refusals and stucks. We all like this kind of off roading once in a while but bear in mind it takes a toll on your cars, so please keep them maintained. Well done everyone of you!
  10. @Tero Vallas and @Nabil Bishara is this your 2nd drive for waitlist , please specify as the first drive waitlisters will get preference. This is our best possible way to accommodate as many friends on atleast one drive in a weekend ,if not as much when there are spaces available . Appreciate your understanding. @Ahab Shamaa, @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ, @Mukundan Nair @Francois Germishuys please check by Wednesday. I will try my best to accommodate as much from waitlist depending on the drop outs and update you all.
  11. @Ahab Shamaa please post now, as officially waitlist starts after drive announcement at 7.10 pm
  12. Agree the previous model had almost similar approach angles, but the black bumper especially on the sides in older model ,where it is not covered by bash plate is super malleable. Even if it hits something it kind of bends and snaps back in shape - blessing in disguise. Not sure if it's the same with new one which looks painted
  13. Thanks for you nice words and I feel humbled you took my name among them there. It was indeed my first newbie drive after becoming a Marshal ( by hook or crook 🤣🤣) whereas all my previous leads have been at fewbie it intermediate. But it's great to hear you learning proper and safe off roading
  14. It should be 255 mm I suppose. 255 cm is even higher than a bull dozer may be 🤣. New x terra main draw back supposedly has been the non availability of a V6 engine option. Probably will perform similar to a V4 fortuner once one is seen on sands 😔
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