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  1. @Nathan Evans I love that car of yours . Ever car has its strengths and its limitations. Once you know it you will always enjoy all sorts of terrain. Great to see the way you drove today. Well done
  2. Convoy list for tomorrow 1. Chaitanya 2. @Kailas 2nd Lead 3. @Nizam Deen 4. @Abu Muhammad 5. @Mohamed Seidam 6. @Islam Soliman 7. @Nabil Bishara 8. @marks 9. @Craig Finlayson 10. @Pancho Sweep Time for some fun and some learning, back in an area where most of us started desert driving. We will use Chanel 1 for Radio coms if any, which we will keep to minimum- except for briefing . Focus will be on 1. Stick to your basics and never forget them 2. All types of sand mode driving 3. Self recovery - as much as possible, then the buddy help comes in. Adjacent cars help in recovery - request you all to bring your recovery gear - shovel, soft shackle, floor jack (if you have) and kinetic ropes 4. Some serious off roading 😜🤣 albeit safe. 5. Come with a fuel tank as full as possible. Please note it could be quite foggy in the morning with poor visibility , DRIVE SAFELY TO THE STARTING POINT. See you all tomorrow morning
  3. Well deserved @Alexander Alcala, congratulations. Great to see you here with all the experience you have
  4. @Tero Vallas you will be added to the drive as you are next on WL, do you confirm ? Please remove your RSVP. Thanks for informing Jorge
  5. Extreme fish tailing and fighting gravity - one of the common causes for roll over
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