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  1. @Frederici am down with bad flu …. Thought I could fly with medication 💊 to the start point but it’s worse than I thought …. Catch next drive
  2. @zed do you mean it’s sand “Ford” in a Nissan body ?! Never seen a patrol sink so much in sand …. But good experience to see how soft sand can change drive terrains …
  3. Thanks @Fredericfor this professional pic …. I did t know my car is photogenic like me ! I think I will learn from you photography from you after off road drives ⚠️…. Thanks for the awesome drive and sorry to be late so next time choose a starting point away from my bed 🎃
  4. It was a great night drive in al Yaher ( now aamerah) …..thanks to @Srikumarfor choosing the nearest spot from my house for this night adventure where I felt I am driving with sunglasses on at night as hardly could make out the height of dunes we climbing …… convoy was excellent ….. special thanks to @Zedfor taking all the bumps and bashes and clearing my path 😇…… @Asif Hussainyour exit from that bowl at night with your stock car not even with extra light in your exterra is like looking for a needle in darkness 😅….. but you made in out safely …… hope to catch up soon in dunes …..
  5. @zed just want to know which car are you roaring for this drive ?! Remember Al Ain airport is near by in case you want to add wings to your V8 😍😇….
  6. @Fredericgreat analysis of dunes in different areas of uae ….. hope you will start 1-2-1 geography class before new carnity member joins 😇it will help them boost their energy for dunes ….
  7. Sorry I have to pull off this drive ….. just reached home from Sri’s night drive ….. catch up next time inshalalh
  8. @zed cars can be repaired bro as long as your in one piece that matters most and thankfully your up and running …. Thanks to rest of the team who helped you out of that awkward situation but it happens to best of us ….. hope your car will be fixed soon as I can’t wait to drive with you again ….
  9. @Warren Flay will miss your little monster on dunes ….. wish you good luck for future ….. if you come to world up in usa in 2026 hope to catch you there 😎….. take care
  10. Don’t write off the 3 lions yet 😅they are good team but yet to be seen how badly they loose or how they make mash potato 🥔 out of France 😆 Beside watching recap is boring and watching live is something else 😇….
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