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  1. Confirmed from my side! I will remove myself from Pancho's drive. Thanks @Vanessa8580!
  2. Hi @Vanessa8580. I am on the other one as I couldnt find an spot on this one. If I can join this one i will remove myself from Pancho's drive. Thanks
  3. Hi @Frederic. I'm so sorry i will need to drop from the drive. I have some work to do tomorrow and will be impossible for me to join. I was really looking forward Murquab drive with you as the last time we couldnt also complete it...it seems is cursed for me! See you next time and sorry again for the late notice. Nacho
  4. @Chaitanya D thanks for including me but I'm afraid i will drop from this drive as finally i have been able to get in for the one on friday. In any case thanks for putting me in and good luck with your first lead! I'm sure it will be amazing! Thanks Nacho
  5. Hi @Chaitanya D! I would like to join the drive but i' not 100% sure if i have done the 5 fewbie drives already. I think I have but I'm not sure. Could you please let me know if I can join? Thanks in advance Nacho
  6. Hey! @Srikumar Thanks for a really nice drive! I really enjoyed the route you selected! I think everyone in the convoy drove really well and make the trip really enjoyable! @Frederic Thanks for the drive also and for all of the tips to do a proper pull! I really wanted to learn so thanks for allowing me to practice! See you soon!
  7. Thanks for all the inputs!! @Shiju Manuel @E.C. TAN eventhough your options seems quite easy, i am quite bad with handmade solutions and i would be loosing the flag every 100meters. I think i would go with the fix mount as @Anish S and @RohanH suggested! Thanks to everyone for your help!!
  8. Hi all! One quick question, which kind of flag support (assuming same price for both of them) do you recommend for a jeep wrangler? The typical suction mount or the bracket that goes installed in the back tire (picture below)? Thanks in advance! Nacho
  9. Thanks everyone for an amazing morning in the dunes! Thanks to @Wrangeld and @Jeepie for a relly fun drive! Also thanks to @Frederic, @Ale Vallecchi, @Vanessa8580 for taking good care of the group as always! I would like to praise @asifk for his amazing drive today! Going behind you today was a pleasure,not only because of your good driving skills but also because you always keep the good route or adapt it making your follower's life easier and funnier! Thanks everyone! See you soon!
  10. Thanks everyone for a really nice drive! @Frederic as always it was a pleasure following your lead! really nice trip with some new more technical stuff that was nice to practice! @Anish S really nice pictures! of course you had an awesome car model in front of you!😜 I took one of you too! I have saved it in the album of the drive! See you all next time! take care Thanks!
  11. Hi @Rahimdad! I was only travelling for this last long weekend, and only to Fujairah! Perfect for the rope! I will bring the money with me. (by the way, i sent you a whatsapp, not sure if you've received it). Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone!!! I was a little bit afraid the fist time as it was my first time ever off road but I am really grateful to everyone in the group as you are doing an amazing job helping people to learn and enjoy off road driving! I am not sure if my wife will be as happy as I am with the level and difficulty increase!haha Thanks!!!
  13. It was an amazing drive after a long time out of the dessert! Thanks everyone, specially @Gaurav and @Frederic for your guidance and your enthusiasm helping everyone in the group! I keep learning everyday and enjoy it more everytime! Thanks!see u soon!
  14. Hi @Gaurav. One question, i see on the description of the trip that maximum number of cars on the drive is 12 and currently is 11 but it says that the RVSP is complete and doesn't allow me to sign in. Is there an extra space for me for this trip? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Sri, As per my message above, please also consider me if there is a drop in the list. Thanks!
  16. @Srikumar Hi!!i just open carnity to see if the trips for this weekend were already on and they are all full!!😭😭. Please keep me in mind if a spot gets available! Thanks!
  17. @Gaurav good call. I think it is the right choice taking into account the current situation. Hope it passes soon and we can drive again! Take care guys and stay safe!!
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