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  1. @Chaitanya D Thanks for letting me slip-in last minute, It really kept me from being bored at home 😂. It was nice to step down from adrenaline filled Intermediate drives to a rather calm Newbie drive with several beautiful landscapes to gaze upon. I guess I should do it more often 😁. @Chaitanya D As always, you were an Amazing lead, leading us through a fun route while making sure its safe for all the drivers. I really enjoyed the side sloping and the hill climb, looking forward for more. The fact that we had 2 amazing supports @Ahab Shamaa @Mohamed Seidam, we spent most of our tim
  2. @Thomas Varghese Its really kind of you for presenting such an offer. I am just waiting for Dr @Chaitanya D’s reply. There is no need for you to do that for me, enjoy your drive tomorrow. Really appreciate your thought. Thanks 😊
  3. Hey @Chaitanya D, Is there still a chance for me to join? Since today was unfortunate and I didn’t really get to drive much 😂. I completely understand if it isn’t possible, just testing my luck 😂.
  4. All fixed, as I said it was a minor issue. I also got longer sway bar links, so the car is ready for action. See you next week.
  5. Thanks everyone who helped getting my car’s ‘Dislocated Shoulder’ fixed 😂. I had to exit the drive early as the risk of continuing the drive wouldn’t be worth it. The issue is minor, nothing serious but better safe than sorry. I’ll be waiting for the drive reports to see where the ‘Mystery’ route lead you all to. See you all next week.
  6. Edit: Posted just a second too late 😂 @Ale Vallecchi Idk why, It says Unsupported link when I try to open it.
  7. Congratulations @Niki Patel !!!! You are gonna love the Intermediate drives.
  8. Hey @Lawrence_Chehimi, Its a 2-Ton JZX Low-Profile, I got it for 230 Aed from JZX Dragon Mart 1.
  9. Hey @varunmehndiratta, Everything is already sorted, strapped and secured 😉. Lets just ignore the fact that I wont be able to fit anything else in the trunk as it has been utilized to its max capacity 😂, but it is pretty organized and thats all I need. Your JLU has a much bigger trunk I guess, so it wont be a big challenge for you I suppose 😁.
  10. @[email protected] [email protected]@Zed Thanks a lot for your input, really helped me a lot with my decision. I settled with this: - JZX 2T Low-Profile jack - 2in thick wooden jack board (probably will eliminate the need for an extension) - Incase an extension is required, I plan to use that wooden cube, placed between the jack and the car body. (It was suggested by the jack retailer, what would you say about this?)
  11. It was amazing how the new area of Al-Aweer welcomed us with such cool breezes, which accompanied us all the way to the end. Al-Aweer was full of wildlife, and vegetation, which enhanced the view of the natural landscapes, making the drive more visually pleasing. The spirits of Al-Aweer made sure that our experience driving in the area, would want us to come back for more 😂. When I look back to when I was a Fewbie, I used to find Ridge Riding really challenging, but I bet after this drive, for our fellow Fewbies, Ridge Riding would be a piece of cake, @Ale Vallecchi made sure of that. Everyo
  12. This drive was a perfect ending to a busy week. The drive started off with some really congested, technical dunes which got all of our arm muscles warmed up for what was to come ahead. The drive was initially slow paced but we gradually stepped it up as everyone was driving really well and was able to keep up with the challenges. There were minimal stucks or refusals, providing us with more time to drive and make the most out of the drive. Driving at night was something new for most drivers, but they managed it well, and we all enjoyed the drive to the max. @Chaitanya D Thanks a lot for h
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