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  1. The other question, can I negotiate with Volvo and get a better price or a better offer? or no way I can get anything than the advertised price?!
  2. Why you are buying compact SUV, in first place for 190K? Just to change, and self reward/compensation ! Is this going to be a family vehicle or commute or both? Both! Is this going to be the first or second household vehicle? Second, the current one is Honda Civic EX 2016, and we love it! Any family extension plan in near future? One/Two children?! How soon you plan to change it next? 4-5 years Hope you know most of these compact SUV aren't even good for beach sand, let alone the real off-road. For me Secret beach every couple of weeks is the max.
  3. LOL! If I will run away from Infiniti and make Volvo my 2nd choice, what should be my first choice? With the range AED 150-190k? The full options of the Lexus NX is 230k!
  4. What I really like about Volvo is the high-tech features (Pilot Assist) and the interior design. Infiniti's interior design is poor (especially the 2 screens), also it does not have Apple Carplay or Google Auto integration which is crazy, as I have both in my 2016 Civic and I use them all the time. While from my POV the only two features that Volvo lack are remote engine start and cooled seats! Jaguar E-Pace has the best exterior design and the least features, again.
  5. I want to get a new car, and I usually go for feature than performance. But I want to make sure that it won't be a hassle later, I have seen multiple cars Jaguar E-Pace, Infiniti, Volvo, and Volvo is the best when it comes to features. But I'm a bit skeptical about the after sale/services/ease of re-sale. What is your advice here?
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