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  1. he could continue immediately after he rolled over....
  2. I get really peeved when car manufacturers are constantly downsizing engines, obviously, for greener effect. I know why and understand, but still peeved.
  3. Luckily I got mine pass too but I saw the remark on the document.
  4. Ahhh! I have been driving around and passing RTA tests with these lights. And this is the first time I get such remarks. So I guessed it is ok to drive around without covering it unless the 0.001% of being stopped and summoned. I think the black masking tape is a good solution😁
  5. The extra lights mentioned are the PIAA spot lights. Please suggest what is available to cover it up?
  6. From the sophistication perspective of the aesthetics and gadgets level, yes we are in the golden era. The designs today are really sophisticated and the gadgets are really cool. However, I appreciate the simpler mechanical technology and cleaner line offered in the 80s and 90s. Petrol crisis notwithstanding, the German carmakers released a lot of nice cars in the 80s. The Japanese is not too far behind.
  7. I would second and participate in such initiatives should it materialize. It would be good for the instructor to do the driving and a senior member to be a passenger to give a live commentary over the radio to relay information like throttle level, gearing, steering input, speed/momentum. This will help the participants watching to appreciate and understand it better. Whilst what we are doing is really good because we are doing the real stuff, driving on the sand and experience it first hand, a lesson or 2 on the real theory 'lecture' will be very beneficial.
  8. Scientifically, I know and understand why it is heading that way. My favourite past time, F1 started running on 1.6l V6 hybrid engine since 2014. Yes, we should look forward for the cleaner and efficient technology. But I always feel that I was born 1-2 decades too late. I will enjoy the golden era of the automotive world in the late 70s then 80s and 90s. I am hoping for both petrol and cleaner technology (EV, hydrogen, hybrid etc) to be able to co-exist. Much like the quartz watch industry that almost wiped out the Swiss watch makers given that quartz is more precise, efficient and cheaper compared to mechanical watches. Thankfully each found their own niche and co-existed till today.
  9. I actually hope the EV hype will die down. It is true that EVs has very good acceleration and speed. But there is no sound and no smell/fumes. To say the least, it is pretty soulless.
  10. I think Japanese cars in general is indeed more reliable because the technology has been tried and tested. Maintenance is relatively straight forward although certain agencies may try to charge you for various things that are not required/needed. I completely agree that Mitsubishi takes the crown for the best bang for the buck, and Pajero deserves the special mention since this is the only full fledge 4x4 offroader, be it 5 doors or 3 doors, in the sub AED90k category- even if you buy new.
  11. Hello @Niki Patel welcome to the club and I’m reaching out to say hello as a fellow FJ driver join the drives. It’s really helpful and most importantly fun.
  12. congratulations @Frederic I enjoy all the articles that you have posted
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