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  1. My observation : obviously it’s slip side meaning to attack it proper speed needed first like FJC earlier . Second once fish tail happens immediately steer toward the fish tail with maintains RPM ( speed ) or even slightly bit higher Rev to compensate for the sand wall which at lower speed collected faster and acted as a fulcrum over which the LC momentum continued and resulted in flip . @Lakshmi Narasimhanthank you for this unusual comparative clip to see what was wrong 👍
  2. @Anish S I see a new leader 👍🌷well done
  3. It was brilliant redirecting Richard’s vehicle for and final execution of pull recovery by Islam 👍
  4. Here we got hunted by @Shehab Alawadhi stories 👻😆
  5. Thank you @Ehab for the awesome recovery clip, fantastic 🙏👍
  6. Happy birthday Sri @Srikumar wish you long life healthy wealthy and much of sand sliding 🌷☺️🎉
  7. Few clips from the amazing night drive ☺️ https://youtube.com/shorts/tPGjo7Ni3c0?feature=share
  8. My first desert night drive What an amazing “desert night drive” , it never felt like my first one. Starting from the mosque of murqab ending to my favourite end point in Last exit was a real treat for me and my little copilot along ☺️ The combination of IM and FB has turned this drive officially to a fewbie level drive , as our lead said, which added to the “ night spice “ and in a time the drizzling rain reflected gave the impression as if we were chasing the sky stars ! we faced few refusals Nicely self recovered and two crests both called for our ropes and yet one p
  9. Hearty congratulations Angela 🎉👏@Foxtrot Oscar for a recognition that you truly deserve . Your passion to drive and teach is a big testimony by your fans and the legends in Carnity Offroad club 👍
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