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  1. for this drive, request you to wait list me @Gok Krish and @Kailas I will get passenger orientation with Kailas on his fewbieplus drive the previous evening AND by the previous day with my trip with Vaneesa / Marjan, I would have completed 5 fewbie drives also!!
  2. I am trying to leave this to make way for anyone wanting to get in but cannot see the leave button. Pls take my name from this. Sorry for the inconvenience
  3. Hello @Ale VallecchiVallecchi greetings. Is there a link to the location or am I the one missing to see it. Thanks.
  4. Thanks @sertac, i realized it last time on my drive with @Chaitanya Dwhere i lost power twice on a side slopping. I was thinking if it was me who was also doing a side slopping of a medium sized dune for the first time. I felt i was kind of slipping back losing power and had to turn to come down. Tomorrow with my drive with @Ale Vallecchi i will hopefully catch up with my Traction control turned off and ESC off apart from ABS killed. Thanks @Fredericfor the amazing and patient explanation and bringing in science resources. It is clear now that both ABS and Traction control need to be off to get full power on the wheels. Will be putting the horse to its test tomorrow and will report on success.
  5. Greetings Body, I am on a Wrangler JK fitted with a ABS kill switch. There is also a push button for "traction control off". Should both ABS and Traction control be disabled for the desert drives or just killing the ABS is enough? My last drive, I forgot to turn off the traction but had killed the ABS. Did some googling to learn that the former is for braking the latter is for accelerating. Thanks for sharing the wisdom. Apologies if this question is already addressed regards Gokul
  6. Please add me to the waiting list also. This is Gokul. I am also booked on another drive
  7. Dear @Chaitanya DPls add Gok and @Kailas to wait list here. We are in another drive but cannot book now. And also cannot wait till Wednesday 😉
  8. We are in for the Dynamic management in the desert 😃That means there will be a new plans hatched by @Chaitanya D as we go and that will make it interesting! Looking forward to the uncertainty!!
  9. Yeah ! 🙏 I am all in to chip in when needed. Highly value the encouragement
  10. What an awesome evening, my first evening drive. Seeing stars in Dubai finally, Drive back in darkness everyone did so well driving and get out at the end. Thanks @Fredericfor the last little climb challenge. Look forward to the next drive.
  11. Hi Brette, @Gaurav I took ownership of a wrangler 2014 this week from a EK pilot with 20,000kms on it. Thanks for the encouraging advice. I want to speed up movement and learn faster. Did not want to damage the 5.7 just incase. Pls pive me extra brownie points for being real good enthusiast!
  12. Hi @Brettehope I am using the right channel to write this for your advise. How are u doing ... @Gauravled me to you. I have a GC Summit 5.7 that I used yesterday and came out unscathed from an Absolute Newbie drive. Gaurav pointed to me that the quadralift is still a suspect when I go higher up on the drive grades. The front bumper, ground clearance etc may hv to be improved. Learnt that you have done some modifications to enhance your vehicle which is similar. I want to pick your brain on it. Can I call you to take tips. I am at 0506446513. Can WhatsApp when it is convenient to call you. Best regards ...Gokul
  13. Hello People, Hi Shital - finally, I am in...will be taking delivery of my vehicle with the tow hooks fitted to front and back ! See u all tomorrow and there starts the adventure!! yeah!!
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