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  1. Thanks @Emmanuel, @Kalahari for a great ride that was on the edge of my skills A short video, mostly featuring @Yousef Alimadadi
  2. Winter is coming... Looks like there is a requirement to have mirrors - so OK, I can buy them for 100AED. But is there is a requirement to have any kind of doors? Like tube doors (e.g. https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/front-rear-tube-doors-jeep-wrangler-jl-77072498)
  3. Hi team. I am thinking about lifting my JK LWB a little bit + possibly new tires etc. Could you advise with 2 questions: 1) Will it impact my warranty in any manner? What I can do, what can't. I assume if I do everything in official Jeep there shouldn't be any issues, however third parties upgrade might have consequences 2) I've seen a few topics where people discussed problems with RTA tests after upgrades - so same questions - what is normally considered by RTA as acceptable and what not? 2 inches lift - OK? Larger tires?
  4. If @jodha singh shekhawat won’t be able to join, I am happy to go, as the next in the list
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