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  1. I want to say a huge thank you to the whole team for their help today! @Islam Soliman, @Mohamed Seidam, @MUHAMMAD Kashif RAZZAQ, @Ashok chaturvedi, @Ahab Shamaa, @Foxtrot Oscar and everyone who kept the ropes! Today was a great reminder that off-roading even in Al Qudra is associated with risks if you don't follow the technique and overestimate the capabilities of the car. @Ale Vallecchi thank you so much for your leadership and coordinating the whole operation, only because of this the car got off so easily As luck would have it, the only visible damage is a broken mirror. The pol
  2. Guys, based on your experience, how much time should I plan for a DPI test at the Abu Dhabi border at 5-5/30 am Friday? To be completely on a safe side. Never did it before
  3. Hi Angela @Foxtrot Oscar , looks like I can't attend tomorrow's drive as well :(((((( See you next drive!
  4. Rubicon has stronger front axel (not reinforced, but stronger - you still may want to reinforce it). Not sure about the rear on It has more power due to the gear ratios, so if you go for larger wheels it's an advantage. Higher fenders to work with stock's 33". But its more design staff, you still can't put 35" there As it was mentioned here, sway bar release, front locking diff, and a nice red metal front panel If you plan to go for a extreme drives - go to Rubicon, if not and you care about the TCO - no need
  5. Everything has already been said about the drive itself - it was really really fast and spectacular. Short video for memories:
  6. Thanks @TT_Dubai, its in line with my understanding as well right now RTA mainly concerns about metal bumpers, and warranty is a "grey zone" in any case, you can rely on relations between your workshop and Jeep (like Jeepers claims, but it's all unofficial) or go to Trading Enterprise for Mopar upgrades (like I did). Jeep guys told me that any lifting higher than 2 inch is a potential reason for warranty exclusion, that's why only 2 inch Mopar lift kit is available (despite it actually lifting your car on 3-3.5 inches)
  7. I have 315/70/17 KO2 on JLU, they are absolutely perfect on-road (120-130 km/h no difference with stock). But formally they are heavy - I would consider something lighter as my next tires as I don't do rock driving (3-4 ply, just compare weight))
  8. Topicstarter has JK, so JL practice may not be relevant, On my JLU I only use the button to disengage the ESC. Sometimes it turns on again (for example, after turning on the lowered one) and if I forget to turn it off, then at some point I can get stuck. But everything is fixed again by pressing a button
  9. Hi @Emmanuel and team, just want to post this video here (subscribed to this guy on Instagram) - how would you rate the difficulty of this dunes and drive? Also - can you recognize the place where it was taken in Abu Dabi? (could be a destination for one of the future extreme drives)
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