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  1. Installed these Fast Deflation tire vales - absolutely love it. In Formula Tires got them at 550AED with the installation Deflating the tire in 15 sec (I normally do 2 meausures to catch the correct pressure, but in any case it takes another 5 sec per tire)
  2. @Rahimdad, I am not questioning the importance of skills (skills are much much more important than anything else), I believe this is why many of us here, to learn What I am saying is, that with equal skills in the equal conditions 35'' might be better than the stock ones for Wranglers. Because there are arguments supporting this and not, I proposed doing a test Also, big tires don't come alone, you normally do new suspension, shocks, etc.. so you can drive faster on bumpy areas, so you can get more momentum for the place you need it.. but this is one more time about driving technics and skills. I think the original topic was more about traction and adherence itself
  3. As physics/theory of the phenomenon was described, the most correct and reliable way of the experiment would be exactly a set of short "laboratory" experiments, to eliminate the impact of driver's skills, etc. On the other side, conducting a real scientific experiment will not be easy, as usually with widens you also get a bigger overall diameter. So we actually don't know what factor's impact is growing faster, and in practice, we can only do a comparison between standard and large (wight + diameter) wheels. It seems to me that at least Wranglers perform better on upgraded 33", rather than on stock. On 35" without regearing you losing power significantly (I feel it very clear), so by default 33 can be better than 35, easily. But after regearing - not sure.
  4. Would be great to have a clear experiment. We have a lot of Wranglers, with both stock and and upgraded tires. So we can shoose hill with no bumps (so driver can just drive), soft sand, same starting point, manual gear... Happy to be part of this excersise!
  5. A short video from the drive. Thanks to @Goutam and @Francois Germishuys, their shots where also used here
  6. We are pumping, will be 10 min late based on the google maps. Is it still ok to join? If not - it will be of course well accepted
  7. Hi @Emmanuel I've done probably less than 5, but during last monthes I did a few serious drives + lifted my JLU + added larger wheels. Any chance to get into the drive?
  8. Thanks @Emmanuel, @Kalahari for a great ride that was on the edge of my skills A short video, mostly featuring @Yousef Alimadadi
  9. Winter is coming... Looks like there is a requirement to have mirrors - so OK, I can buy them for 100AED. But is there is a requirement to have any kind of doors? Like tube doors (e.g. https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/front-rear-tube-doors-jeep-wrangler-jl-77072498)
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