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  1. Thanks @TT_Dubai, its in line with my understanding as well right now RTA mainly concerns about metal bumpers, and warranty is a "grey zone" in any case, you can rely on relations between your workshop and Jeep (like Jeepers claims, but it's all unofficial) or go to Trading Enterprise for Mopar upgrades (like I did). Jeep guys told me that any lifting higher than 2 inch is a potential reason for warranty exclusion, that's why only 2 inch Mopar lift kit is available (despite it actually lifting your car on 3-3.5 inches)
  2. I have 315/70/17 KO2 on JLU, they are absolutely perfect on-road (120-130 km/h no difference with stock). But formally they are heavy - I would consider something lighter as my next tires as I don't do rock driving (3-4 ply, just compare weight))
  3. Topicstarter has JK, so JL practice may not be relevant, On my JLU I only use the button to disengage the ESC. Sometimes it turns on again (for example, after turning on the lowered one) and if I forget to turn it off, then at some point I can get stuck. But everything is fixed again by pressing a button
  4. Hi @Emmanuel and team, just want to post this video here (subscribed to this guy on Instagram) - how would you rate the difficulty of this dunes and drive? Also - can you recognize the place where it was taken in Abu Dabi? (could be a destination for one of the future extreme drives)
  5. I've recently got this one as a second tripod. Surprisingly robust and strong for 18 AED(!!!), keeps good my Sony A7 with the lens. Extremely good for trips when you limited with weight and space, and when you unsure whether you will need a tripod or not https://www.amazon.ae/Flexible-Tripod-Octopus-Spider-Holder/dp/B07MJ3FHMC/ref=sr_1_4?crid=WNUQIUCII8OZ&dchild=1&keywords=tripod+flexible&qid=1613644812&sprefix=tripod+flex%2Caps%2C262&sr=8-4
  6. Hi @Emmanuel, sure, after promotion to IM I've done 4 intermediate and one Fewbie as a second lead, so 5 in total but 4 in IM
  7. We are in a unique situation here, in Carnity in the UAE. We have plenty of Jeeps - stock and lifted, with 285/70 and 315/70, we have many high sand dunes - so we can run a proper set of tests and even film it The aim of the test is ONLY to test the car's adherence to sand. It can be a dedicated drive - why not? The disadvantages of having big tires are clear and not questioning (however, it sims that with 285/70 has nearly none of them), people who go for big tires usually understand it and accept it as a price for a nice look I put 315/70 on my Sahara just recently (made it for a great look only, actually wanted to go to 305/70, but it was impossible to find them in the UAE). I had a strong feeling that the car easier drives on the sand (I am only talking about the adherence). BUT I can't exclude the placebo effect, that's why I am open to doing a comparison
  8. Yes, wheels must be disassembled for installation, and these parts are quite heavy - so for sure
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