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  1. @Ale VallecchiI congratulate you on your 100th drive. I saw a free spot in the drive and I added my self But now I see that there are some people on the wait list, Is there any chance for me as my first dive?
  2. Congratulations Angela @Foxtrot Oscar hope to catch a drive with you
  3. Dear @Frederic Could you please tell me how many channels are there in Carnity? I know five of them only
  4. Dear @Lorenzo Candelpergherthank you so much for the wonderful drive. as my first intermediate drive, it was Quite challenging for me at the beginning, I had to focus on steering wheel control and acceleration. I was Sweeting for the First thirty minutes. then I got used to it. I enjoyed fast pace driving on the dune crest, . I was feeling the heaviness of my car on some higher dunes and soft sand I got stuck a couple of times, fortunately I was Able to self recover with help of @Ale Vallecchiand @Gaurav Soni I see that there are fewer refusal and stuck in Intermediate level, which add more
  5. @Mohamed Seidam Salaam alaikom thank you brother how are you? I had sold my 4Runner on October so, I was afraid of damaging my other car, but could not resist not have fun in the desert so, I seldom join desert drives. Thank you @Abdul Rahman Abdul Kader
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