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  1. @Chaitanya I want to cancel this drive bicoz my car the engine light and beep sound started, so please give my spot to other member.
  2. @Vanessa8580I want to cancel this drive because today during my morning drive, in my car the engine light and beep sound started, so please give my spot to other member.
  3. This morning when I reached the spot for the drive, the engine light and beep sound coming in my car, so I spoke to the leader and canceled my drive.
  4. Thanks for the information sir but After this rank total 5 drive completed my four Fewbies and 1 newbie are completed with carnity. 2 Fewbie with Mr Richard 18th and 25th sep-2020, and 3rd with Mr frederic 2nd oct, and my 4th Fewbies with you 3rd oct, and 1 newbie with Mr srikumar 25th sep,
  5. @Gauravsir i have been confirmed in another drive (fewbie) so please my place should be used by someone else. Thanks for your support and suggestion. Hope to get a chance to drive with you soon.
  6. Thanks @Wrangeld and team The important time of yesterday's drive was spoiled because of me, for which I apologize to all of you carnity family. The help that @Wrangeld, @Kalahari ,@Lorenzo Candelpergher all of you helped popout yesterday was a huge collaboration. You took me out of my trouble like a family member and supported me for this, I am very grateful to you all.
  7. Thank you Gaurav sir and All Management Team. It's a wonderful feeling to be a part of Carnity Family Off road club. Thanks Mr. Frederic.
  8. Dear Gaurav sir Good day!! my 3 newbie dive completed with other Group and 1 drive complete with you, kindly consider me for next level. Thanks you.
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