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  1. Hungry guys plus Shaaz's IM drive! took less than 60 secs for the drive to be fully subscribed. Looking forward to Sunday morning already - see you all soon
  2. Super @Gaurav Soni, heartiest congratulations! Love the way you handle your drives, great going and all the very best.
  3. Wonderful drive to culminate the Eid break; thanks @Gaurav Soni for leading us through an exciting morning. thanks @Shaaz Sha and @Mario Cornejo for the support. @RiaanJH, @Imteeaz and @Zulfikhar Naiyar - was a pleasure meeting you gentlemen. Thanks for the company. hope to see you all soon.
  4. So nice to see you progress up the ladder; well done and keep it up @Abed M. Congratulations - keep rocking!
  5. Loved every minute of the drive - especially when minutes were the only thing restricted which made it all the more fun - unrestricted and unlimited! The unique option of offering us 4 hour dash made up much of what i had missed of earlier episodes due to work commitment and would like to join the chorus in admiring the conception and conduct of the drive. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi @Zixuan Huang - Charlie, @varunmehndiratta, @Alexanderrr and @munkybizness thanks for all the support. @Anoop Nair, @Prakash Anoop, @Vaibhav, @Daniel Rodas, @Rob S, @topgear and @Ashok chaturvedi - thanks guys for the company, was a pleasure driving with you all.
  6. Many happy returns the day @Srikumar - wish you a wonderful day and the year ahead.
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