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  1. Well done @Sunny84, congratulations on your promotion
  2. Congratulations Varun @varunmehndiratta look forward to joining one of your drives soon
  3. If the pre-drive hype was anything to go by, the drive itself very much lived-up to the expectations and more! Heady pace, fluid movements plus strong convoy was the perfect cocktail we all were looking forward to and thanks to @Srikumar, all of us got a good taste....and am very hopeful that Sri is going to plan a second serving very soon and I'm already looking forward to it. Thank you @Srikumar for the wonderful evening. @Waqas Parvez was perfect to the t as second lead and Mayank @munkybizness, our freshly minted support, demonstrated what a perfect support looks like. thank you guys. @Matt.T, @Vaibhav, @Zed, @ASAD. and @Mus_hus78 it was a pleasure meeting and driving with you gentlemen. Wish you all a wonderful week ahead
  4. Thank you @Carnity for the opportunity - to drive, to make new friends and maybe even a tribe thank you also for the continuous support i received from all the crew, marshals, leads and fellow drivers.
  5. a 'same-pinch' moment! Congratulations Mayank @munkybizness
  6. I can vouch for that @Srikumar, have been 2Lead in two of your IM drives. Hope the rear break lights are working...
  7. looking forward @Srikumar; however the anxiety of successfully passing the monday 7PM barrier is rising by the minute. fingers crossed 🤞
  8. Well done @Jaro Tuzinsky, congratulations on the promotion.
  9. Well done @Gerrit Bus, congratulations on the promotion.
  10. Great to know you doing good Doctor and hope it remains that way. P.S. may you went overboard with the celebrations last week 🤪
  11. It was Hisham's drive - do i need to say more? but Yes! because it was in Shuwaib and so as to elevate the expectations to the next couple of levels, Waqas christened the drive Mad Max which created such a frenzy that even @Srikumar decided to join. With that, pre-drive anticipations were already on the moon if not the starts! and the drive lived very much up to it's name and more, maybe not as much on Hisham's scale who dubbed it Mad Max Medium+!!! am sure he would soon entice us all with another one to accomplish what he started yesterday. We had our oops! moments during drive when some us decided to stop to see how the dunes below looked like from 'up-there'! loved the team work and coordination on display. Thank you @Hisham Masaad for the wonderful Sunday morning; If i were to humbly rate, the first 15 mins and the last 45 mins were amongst the best, exhilarating drives i have ever been part of - simply magnificent. @ASAD. @Simon Dawood @Fabien Monleau @Waqas Parvez @Mohamad Anwer @Daniel Yang @Chris Wing @Ashok chaturvedi @Amir Amiri @Vaibhav - was an absolute pleasure, as always, meeting and driving with you gentlemen. Hope to see you guys soon again
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