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  1. This is quite true. Most often the pop outs are due to the way one drives the car rather than the tires or the wheels. As an offroad driver, one needs to give a little more time to get familiar with your car than you think. When I upgraded my tires, I thought that I had a need to upgrade tires at that time. I was let down by a lot of refusals & crests while crisscrossing, and the general advice was slightly wider tires will help. On hindsight I can tell that with a little more patience & practice, I could have overcome that problem. The Pareto rule applies here as well. You reach your 80% potential with 20% effort but that last 20% of the potential takes 80% effort and we tend to throw money at it hoping it resolves the problem. Of course, money helps mitigate the issue, but you could always try a little more to achieve the same potential but with time. While I am at heart a purist, and don't like to make modifications that alter the look of the car - I love the way 285s look nice on my car.
  2. Congratulations @munkybizness well deserved. Well done buddy.
  3. Congratulations @Rajiv Sam well done and well deserved.
  4. Congratulations @Ranjan Das well done and well deserved. About time.
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