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  1. I know - obviously it was a Joke. Jeeps do have their usual share of troubles and it is part of the Jeep experience, however frustrating it is. These days my trouble is that sand comes into the car though the gap between rear glass pan and the door. every time I open it a lot of sand falls back into the car.
  2. That is not an option anymore. FJ, no doubt is a very well made car and has better put together overall, but If I were to go and buy a new vehicle, I'd still not buy a FJ since I don't really like the way it looks like. Irrelevant to the decision but the FJ was designed as a concept in 2003 and Toyota decided to launch it in 2005. It is such an old model and they aren't even trying to refresh it. It is perhaps only available in the Middle East and nowhere else. Toyota just left it to die a slow death.
  3. If not for the drive but can I join for the photography part of the drive? I meant to drive on one of the previous occasions but had to skip as I had to travel.
  4. I drove with you only once at Margham, when you had a pop-out. I was doing sweep duty that day and I could see that you were quite comfortable behind the wheels in the desert. Congratulations @Aisha S! Well deserved promotion, now the drives will become a ever so slightly intense and the desert driving passion becomes intense. PS: seems that was your latest drive as a newbie as well.
  5. Yetis and Dometic passive coolers will keep the cold for much much longer than the supermarket white top ones for sure.
  6. Stats said someone? These are another set of Stats - showing how many others were there in the drives and in what level of drives. I have done 53 drives till now and there were 535 others in those drives. Pure numbers instead of charts - You interpret as you desire. Look at Intermediate Level Drives - one would have done a lot of drives to reach those levels. 1. Excluding My Drives 3 Including My Drives 2. Just My Drives Obligatory Disclaimers: How to read - See Absolute Newbie - It had 12 drivers driving different cars - 6 Jeeps of which 2 were JL, one
  7. Congratulations @Ranjan Das!! Well done and see you soon in the desert with your new ride.
  8. Car Wars : The Choices of @Enrico Biscaro (Episod VIII)
  9. Oh I see, didn’t know you were selling the car because of issues. Saw the ad on FB yesterday. I thought your car was well made, but seems the previous owner did abuse the car.
  10. I have set up an alarm at 6:51 and when that goes off - I put it at snooze. It again goes off at 7. But 6:58 onwards I don't do anything but stare at my phone. When the notifications start rolling - I immediately book my slot. Even after all these quick work I have seen myself as low as 7th to book a slot, generally it is between 1 and 4. I have never failed though.
  11. Catch up with @Ranjan Das, he might have something you need, want.
  12. EID Mubarak to all my friends at Carnity.
  13. I have been doing some research on car cooler solutions and these are my findings. Hope it is useful for some. These are some of the questions you need to answer to decide on the right cooler for you: Cooling technologies – what’s available? Cooling and freezing in hot climates What size should your cooler be? Which energy sources do you want to use? Avoid a flat vehicle battery Are you concerned about noise from your cooler? Will you travel for long or short periods of time? Coolers for use away from the vehicle Is it possible to co
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