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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. I was in a meeting and obviously wasn’t expecting a drive notification to pop out and couldn’t see the notification till much later. For the weekend drive notification I have setup an alarm at 6:51 which I snooz for 9 min that way almost never miss a drive. Obviously weekday drives can’t be planned much ahead in time but giving an heads up or bunching them together to be released at specific day/time would be great.
  2. In Hindi I’d say “Bhavana ko Samjho” just don’t ask who is Bhavna.
  3. Be prepared to see me every Saturday morning at the drive location, a tent is going to be a standard equipment in my Jeep henceforth.
  4. What a drive, all the hallmarks of @Ale Vallecchi’s tredamark drives were there. Fantastic. Awesome. Felt like drove through continents… Kenyan Serengeti to Aussi Outback to Yes of course Middle East (we are there!). Especially loved the first segment of the drive where we required to do precision ridge riding on long powdery and loose as talcum sand dunes and then race to catch next one, if one were being slow they will loose the sight of the convoy in front. Plus the exploration of completely new areas, that we no one has ever gone before. Thank you very much @Ale Vallecchifor the drive. Yo
  5. looks like a graph from CERN where they have collided two particles...
  6. The meeting point is 120km from my home. I plan to start at 4:30. The drive time is about 1 hour 20 min from my home but on average it should be 1 and half hour from other parts in Dubai, plus some time to fill in the fuel. This Adnoc petrol station seems to be the nearest one if someone is coming from S104/E88. For people coming from North E311 or E611 use this Adnoc 594 looks like you have to take a small U turn just after crossing it and to be back on the way to destination another U turn after the police station. @Ale Vallecchi do we need to carry jerry cans for this drive?
  7. congratulations are in order on your promotion... well done @Aisha S
  8. Having broken my rear plastic bumper 3 times I have a very clear idea what needs to be done. Though I got a Mopar Rubicon steel bumper, if some one asks me now, I'd say go for the AOR metal bumper for its economy and the fact that it takes the parking sensors plus it looks very much like the stock metal bumper. Now coming to the front; I want to put a winch on my car. Clarification: its not need, its a want. Since my plastic bumper wont take one, I have to upgrade it. I am in a conundrum, should I once again go for Rubicon metal bumper for around 6k or buy a AOR Metal Bumper + Warn Evo 10
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