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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. Congratulations @M.Seidam👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 look forward to support your drives, well deserved
  2. Thank you @Lawrence_Chehimi, confident will be supporting your drives soon, in Sha Allah
  3. Dear @Gaurav @M.Seidam @Chaitanya D @Humayun Ghias @Russ @Christopher Assal @JeromeFJ @Looper @Reggie Landicho @munkybizness @Mehmet Volga @Shaaz Sha @Danish Mohammad @Ranjan Das @Mario Cornejo @Mohamad Anwer @Thomas Varghese @Sunil Mathew @Chinthaka Ruwan @Anoop Nair @PaoloMaraziti @Rawad @Niki and @Daniel Rodas, thank you so much, and grateful for @Carnity family and leads for all efforts and guidance, to go through this journey. Still much more to learn. Look forward to drive with you guys enjoying the desert and sand.
  4. congratulations @Anoop Nairvery well done and well deserved.... enjoy the new level
  5. Thank you @Reggie Landicho @Sunil Mathew @Peter Hager @AlexM @Vaibhav @KAMALIO @Waqas Parvez @Davie Chase and @Jeepie , it also you guys made the difference and helped to enjoy
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