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  1. This interesting....since TJ's make 70% of their power below the 3k rpm mark, I think the Turbo might bridge the gap to 5.4k rpm....and you'd be saving money on the part of the torque curve where the extra power isnt really needed (since super chargers are more expensive). Pretty sure the love one has for turbo hot hatches is a universal feeling. it might even be illegal to dislike a hot hatch.
  2. It's a shame the Baja event this year doesnt allow spectators :(.....would've loved to go see. Also Shehab and I are still Fewbies but my ego does take pleasure in the idea that you see us differently
  3. Interesting responses all around since i've yet to get even a little bit close to using my machine to it's fullest potential i cant justify changing it much and all in all i'm likely to stay away all together. I've removed about 100kg from the car already, the hard top and rear seats are out
  4. I'm just looking for some insight into this as i was at Badayer a while ago with a group of TJ and there's a bunch of big dunes around and i saw the difference that Turbos and Supers made to their ability to climb without having to get a lot of momentum. The matter of price hadnt come to mind yet so that's cool to know and now that i think of it, the guys that did have them tended to be in and out of garages on a weekly basis thus negating the reputation of the 4L i6 as a reliable engine.... Besides, being able to say that i drive a stock car and barely use the throttle because im just conserving momentum up and down the dunes feels really satisfactory Absolutely, and that's what i was hoping for...i couldnt see the drawbacks apart from the fact that decent Turbos and Supers cosr upward of 7k which now means i could just get a V8 for 20k and sell the i6 if i was really bothered...but i love my machine too much to want to change it too much.
  5. This is mostly from the perspective of someone who drives an older car like me as i dont have experience in newer cars but would be cool to hear all the opinions. Having an older '05TJ like all SUVs of the era they were kind of over-engineered to be reliable, so power wasn't at the top of the priority list, not that im complaining, my car seems capable of 90% of the things I ask it to do, but this is about the 10% that im curious to explore when my skills have caught up to the car's ability, things like attacking huge dunes and going up long slip faces. To that point, i dont think i've seen many Superchargers on cars climbing Mroeeb competitively, is that because we value the higher RPM power boost or because Superchargers are just too inefficient, or am I both blind and def and they do in fact have Supers?
  6. Good luck with the car stuff!!! Looking forward to it @Chaitanya D and @Lorenzo Candelpergher
  7. As a man driving a box on a wheels who's most technologically advanced feature is an iron box that makes explosions, in my limited experience driving in sand and getting myself unstuck i think that there's isnt much a crawl control system can do that you cant do yourself with a shovel, biceps and some energy bars, just a matter of how hard you're willing to work for it or whether you're capable at all as i understand that some people just might not be able to do it the hard way. And if you've reached a point where a shovel wont do anymore i cant imagine crawl control will change anything that sticking into 1st gear in 4L cant do. The tech is cool though, i imagine in situations where getting out of the car is inadvisable this would come in very handy, say heavy wind or a gun fight. And previous points about maintaining basic skills that you can always rely on even if everything lets you down seem sound, plan for the worst, hope the best in essence.
  8. Yeah....learned that the hard way yesterday getting stuck on those criss crosses, only one way to improve though Thanks to everyone who came to help dig me out of the sand and thanks @Jeepie for the diverse terrain you let us experience. Oh nooo a boo boo, i'll have to bring a set of gardening gloves for the next person that comes to help me dig my car out.
  9. with so much anticipation and, i think i'll kidnap @Shehab Alawadhi on Thursday and just camp till the next morning at the spot 🤣 Excited to show you what i've learned about the TJ since our last drive @Wrangeld
  10. I think we had Vipin on the wait list for this or is it too late to update now? O.O @Vanessa8580
  11. Aww yisss!! Congrats man! time to get nice pictures from atop the highest of dunes!
  12. @Asif Hussain Friday was really fun, especially with the big bowls to pay around! I even got to hear my car red line for the first time as we were going around that first dune! The drive was paced very nicely too with soft but quick driving on the way to interesting destinations with some ad hock drifting in a sabka. I really enjoyed your chilled tone too. "Do we have time for some donuts while you eat"...... "sure" you say. Thanks for the pleasant drive @GauravSoni hop you get your car sorted soon and i see you some time again. @mikaeel shaik im still surprised at how well your machine made up the dunes, assume the driver had to be exceptional as well as the car.
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