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  1. @Vanessa8580 please could you add me as well. If not possible is there any chance of joining the absolute newbie drive or something else? It's been a couple months since I've been on sand and I missed all the sign ups. Thanks
  2. Sadly despite my car coming out of the garage this week it won't start so won't be able to make it. Enjoy the drive.
  3. Made it out and the car managed to start again so I could at least drive it on to the recovery vehicle. Left it with the garage this morning so will see what the damage is. Fingers crossed it will be fixed in time to drive next week.
  4. Evening, I am trying to organise an off road taster for some colleagues at work. Basically 3-5 cars which are all off road capable, but the drivers have none of the gear (flags, radio or compressor). Does anyone else know of a service where they can borrow gear for a beginner off road drive and possible hire someone with the experience to lead, do recoveries / pop outs etc?
  5. @Emmanuel I've just got promoted to fewbie so I've switched drives so a newbie can join. Wife won't let me do two in a day. 🤔
  6. Thanks. Ever since the drive you led I've been switching to manual for the steep climbs. Great tip I wish I'd thought of earlier. 👍 Thanks all
  7. Evening all, I've posted the photos taken from the drone and the link will take you to a playlist of the video. I managed to get a few of you driving up Pink Rock. If I missed you I am sorry. All of today's videos are labelled as Driving Up Pink Rock Sharjah so you can scroll through to find your car.
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