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  1. @Lorenzo Candelpergher lots of great information! I definitely echo your sentiments about keeping the original aesthetic because this is my daily driver as well. Will definitely look into your suggestions. Much appreciated.
  2. @Thomas Varghese appreciate your insight and you are 100% correct in your comments. It all comes down to what the goal is of the shot I guess. I recommended a locked shutter speed of 1/500 to capture the sharpest action shot. Anything less than this, then a moving object will be blurry. I am a professional photographer albeit for product and commercial photography and I am always learning. Looks like you have really great knowledge 👍
  3. Yes agreed, you could blow out highlights with centre weighted, but because the aperture is f21 you minimize the chances of this. The reason I am recommending centre weighted is so that mostly the car (which is the subject of the shot) will be in the centre of the frame and I would try and expose perfectly for the subject. I will play around with evaluative metering as well next time and see how that works. Thanks for your point of view on this.
  4. @Frederic for the sharpest action shots, use shutter speed priority, not aperture priority. Aperture priority is better for portraits and landscapes. Lock it in at around 1/500 or 1/1000. Set your metering in the camera to center-weighted. This will allow your camera to adjust exposure best for what’s mostly in the middle of the frame. Make sure your camera is not on spot metering. I would leave ISO on auto. If you want a deep depth of field, set your camera in manual mode with shutter speed of 1/500 and aperture to F20 or 21. ISO on auto. This way everything in the distance will be sharp as well. On bright sunny days you should be able to pull of great well exposed and sharp shots with these settings. The reason you have ISO on auto is because the sun and your position keeps moving and with auto ISO the camera will automatically try and get the best exposure. You don’t have time to adjust this when shooting. The Centre weighted metering will help in your camera to guess the right ISO setting. Hope this helps.
  5. @Salarios Wow that’s great insight and information! Thank you so much! I was so disheartened with how easily the bumper broke considering how well the car drives in the desert.
  6. I have taken out my Y62 Nissan Patrol (with platinum bumpers) out for a Masterclass and an absolute newbie drive. Both times I have damaged the bumper and I want to change to a better off road bumper. Has anyone modified their Patrol bumper and where do you recommend I can get this done?
  7. Hi, My off-road experience is only the masterclass I took around 3 weeks ago with Carnity. I have a Y62 2016 Nissan Patrol. I used both my front and rear tow points in my masterclass and they are fine. I have a pressure gauge, deflator and compressor but no flag. Looks like I don’t need to buy one for this Newbie drive?
  8. I have done an off road masterclass with Carnity. Looking to join my first convoy drive. Is this event right for me?
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