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  1. Participanting on this desert drive was a thrilling adventure filled with diverse terrains and exciting activities. Davie's expert track selection was spot on, ensuring a successful journey. The invaluable Lead and guidance from @Davie Chase, along with the unwavering support of @Gary F, @Fabien Monleau, and @Emanuel, were the key ingredients to our unforgettable desert drive experience. Grateful for such an amazing team!"
  2. It was an amazing desert drive led by @Davie Chase, who expertly selected a diverse route with varying levels of difficulty, allowing us to embrace and conquer new challenges. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team for their exceptional drive and seamless collaboration throughout the journey. Thank you @Davie Chase @Gary F @Benjamin for the amazing experience !
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchi I don’t find manage button for this drive. Can you add me as support staff for this drive ?
  4. Hi Brette, I’m not feeling well and will not be able to join tomorrow trip. Sorry for short notice. See you in the next drive.
  5. Hi @Brette As per the weather forecast, tomorrow the weather could be rain. When you will confirm that the trip still continue ? Thanks Dodi
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