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  1. Hi @Frederic.. i have signed up for @Jeepie drive tomorrow as it is closer to where i stay and my afternoon plans. Kindly remove me from this drive and i hope to drive with you soon again
  2. Hi @Jeepie - is it too late for me to join the drive tomorrow.. i am currently signed for Fred’s newbie drive but if i can get a spot for this fewbie drive, i will drop off from fred’s drive
  3. Morning @Islam Soliman. Please remove me from the drive as i woke up with acute pain on my spine. Will really miss this drive which i was looking fwd to all week.
  4. Thanks @Lorenzo Candelpergher i will skip this one but hope to drive with u soon again
  5. Thank you all again for the excellent drive yesterday. Thank you @Islam Soliman @M.Seidam @JeromeFJ @[email protected] Huang - Charlie @Sunil Mathewfor all the shoveling and helping me recover from my two stucks/ refuals. It was my first FB plus drive and i surely took away a lot. Hope i will do better in my next FB plus drive.. see you all soon in the sands.
  6. Thanks all for your advise - another question. Is there a difference in on road /off road performance between the geolander AT G012 and G015 tyres? Or is it merely a difference in model with no difference on the performance of the tyres?
  7. Just wanted to revisit this discussion - i currently have 265/70/16 (highway tyres) on my pajero and want to upgrade to geolander AT tyres with R16 - i have 2 choices as per yokohama dealership 1) 265/70/16 - AT (my current tyre size) 2) 275/70/16 - AT Just wanted to get ur views on which one to choose and which one would help in the sand, pop outs etc. 275 would give it more width but not sure how that would help in the sands
  8. Thanks @Chaitanya D - looking forward to joining one of ur drives very soon
  9. Thanks - @Anish [email protected] @Hisham [email protected] [email protected] Huang - Charlie @[email protected]@Lakshmi Narasimhan @Abdul Rahman AK - Really pleased to have been promoted and looking forward to driving with you all in the near future.
  10. Excellent idea @Enrico Biscaro My story started in November 2020, when me and my friends planned a trip to Qudra to burst firecrackers on the occasion of Diwali (festival of light) at around midnight. We were 2 cars (prado and LC) and the plan was to go only 500 meters in the desert and burst firecrackers. Since we were all rookies, and did not deflate tyres, the land cruiser first got stuck and the prado got stuck when trying to pull out the land cruiser. We were then helped by a police patrol car around 4 am, after trying to dig out sands with our hands (we did not h
  11. Hi marjan @Jeepie- can you please waitlist me for the drive? Second drive for the week
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