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  1. Hi @Frederic i’ll continue going to the afternoon newbie drive with Gaurav and will drop off from the wait list for this drive
  2. @Frederic @Kailas @Veedooshee thanks again for all the support in this yet another great drive.. see you in the sand next week
  3. Hi guys - any suggestion how i can store the AOR 9ft flag in my 2 door pajero.. For now i have stored it in my garage but not sure how i can store in my car on the day of drives ( when driving to the venue)
  4. Thanks a lot frederic and luca.. you guys were amazing and of great help! The technique taught was invaluable and we can hopefully bring into play in our next drive.. Thanks carnity and team for the wonderful experience
  5. Hi Frederic I drive a 2014 Pajero and the front and back tow points are in perfect condition. My off-road experience is limited to one drive that i did in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. This will be my second time in the dessert. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
  6. Hi i have registered for the qudra morning newbie drive. I need to buy a flag for my car since i am a newbie. Can someone advise the best place to buy a flat and how long should the flag be?
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