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  1. @Ale Vallecchi great drive today, 100km despite a rear coil spring replacement, and a pop out shows some good driving by all with @Gaurav Soni Centre forward and @Rob HSweep doing good work on the repairs.
  2. Thanks Ranjan All that shared learning following each other for the last few months!! I've benefitted from the very high standards of leadership demonstrated on the numerous drives by the Carnity Marshalls and leads of which I continue to be grateful for and will never stop learning.
  3. @Ale Vallecchi great drive today, new area and new experience. @Lakshmi Narasimhan @Gaurav Soni and @Mario Cornejo good support, thanks all.
  4. Thanks @darren thompson turns out I sheared brake pipe and bent the nearside suspension mounts on the front axle!! Was fairly strange occurrence but big impact so we'll see huh !!!
  5. @Wrangeld and all thanks for a great drive yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed it and experienced the whole 75 km, a lot of lol and grimacing throughout.
  6. Great drive today @Islam Soliman with good work from @Chinthaka Ruwan @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil and @Hisham Masaad Special thanks to Islam who insisted on waiting with me until recovery truck arrived and also driving me to the garage. It was unnecessary but well received. With my brake pipe sheared off sadly there was no choice but to exit. Thanks all
  7. @Ale Vallecchi thanks for this mornings drive, was a perfect start to the weekend and challenged me throughout. @Ranjan Das at 2nd lead, @Kalahari with a smooth job at CW and @Russ bringing up the rear with @Shehab Alawadhi in club Ford. At least I had less sand in the car today as whenever I am close to these 2 i have to keep the windows open to the V8s burble.
  8. @Ale Vallecchi look forward to seeing you in the morning , strangely I have never been on one of your drives so looking forward to [email protected] Das another drive following you my friend!!
  9. Thanks @Wrangeld that was a great drive today, had a bit of everything and ensured concentration throughout. Great to have the support of @Jeepieand @Watteau at the back and @Niki in the middle plus plenty more experience in the drive. This made for very few issues on route and not a lot of digging! Cheers all c u next time
  10. Thanks Islam for an interesting part of the desert I'd not driven around previously. I hope you can sort your overheating problem out easily and cheaply and look forward to seeing you out in the desert again soon.
  11. @Jeepie thanks for the drive today was an interesting route with a little bit of everything and a great start to the weekend @M.Seidam good work in the middle and @Ranjan Das looking after the tail.
  12. @GregoryI drive with Cooper A/T and normally run around 11 and seems to work though I have bead lockers so less likelihood of any pop outs so the rims are something you should also consider.
  13. @Anish S sincere apologies I am going to have to withdraw from this drive as I had not realised I had a previous commitment. I wil try to get a Friday morning drive Hope I can drive with you again soon
  14. Great drive today really enjoyed it thanks for providing such a varied and challenging drive @Islam Soliman @Darren Brooke good 2nd lead though shame you had the overheating issues, hopefully you can sort OK @Abdul Rahman AK for centre forward and replacement 2nd lead and as always @Hisham Masaad for sorting the tail. Good to see @Danish Mohammadat the end having exited and sorted his brake and transmission fault. Fun watching the big V8 boys on the dune climb. See ya all next time
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