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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. Thanks a lot @Vanessa8580 for the nice drive, it was a great convoy indeed. We enjoyed a lot.
  2. thanks a lot @Jeepie, @marks and @Watteau for the great drive, enjoyed every bit, glad to hear it was as much enjoyable for everyone after our exit. see you all soon on the sand. @marks very good job leading the convoy, managed to make it a safe yet enjoyable drive for everyone
  3. Congrats @Lakshmi Narasimhan, let's go to Fewbies 😀
  4. Interesting, @Gaurav, any recommendations for offroad lights based on your experience?
  5. Thanks a lot @Frederic, waiting for another exciting drive with you.
  6. Thanks @Brette, looking forward to driving with you soon
  7. Thanks a lot everyone, @Ale Vallecchi, your drive was the absolute first drive where you really put us on the pace for what to come, then had the chance to join the interesting ghost roads drive. @Emmanuel, glad to have joined one of the 'relatively' technical drives for Newbie @Rahimdad, thanks for your confidence putting me in a sweep position, I tried my best based on what I learned from all the successful sweepers in my previous drives, apart from that this drive was really challenging with so much to learn in one drive. @Danish Mohammad, @Nivin, great support always from yo
  8. Thanks a lot @Gaurav, Looking forward to advance in the sport with such a passionate group, yet safty has always been the first consideration with everyone I rode with. Looking for more exciting rides 😊
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