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  1. Thanks @Mehmet Volga, @Veedooshee and @Ben84 for this great ride and the support, it was really enjoyably given it is my second fewbie ride.
  2. Thanks a lot @Gaurav, @Islam [email protected] Alimadadi for making my first night ride a very enjoyable and pleasant one, i thought i would be stressing out given the new experience, yet i enjoyed every minute of it, looking for more night drives now. For everyone in the convoy, it has been great riding with you, guess we were just blessed to have the right collection of drivers constructing the convoy, in alignment to the sighting of the shooting star by @Gaurav and @Islam Soliman at the beginning made this a very smooth ride 😀
  3. thanks a lot @Gaurav interesting to learn all of those options, i will definitely consider them, good to know there is an advantage to the UAE's hot weather🙂
  4. @Lawrence_Chehimi, it could be ok for the battery if it is new as well as the car, but for the tyres it really depends but it can cause this flat spot, as per the link shared by @Niki also, changing the oil is recommended for any duration more than a month or so, i didn't know that. also covering any openings like the exhausts.. for example so as not to let small creatures having this as their nest especially of it s parked outside, which is i guess unlikely to happen here but just in case.
  5. thanks a lot @Niki for the informative link and information, i didn't know the "flat stopper" solution existed, there are other points in the link that is quite interesting to consider as well. i am mostly concerned about the tyres, all what i could get in terms of ideas is either lift the whole car over jack stands, or use the flat stopper or of course the best solution which is to have someone to drive it every week or so if you can find this volunteer and in our case they need to do this for 2 cars so... 😁. @Islam Soliman, as far as i understood the issue rises because the tyres
  6. It is a shaded parking but opened from 2 sides, so it is considered outside
  7. thanks @Alexander Alcala, no issue for the jacks to be raising the car for this long period?
  8. Hi, Any recommendations to what to do when leaving the car parked for a long duration (2 months) so as not to jeopardize any elements of the car, mainly tyres, battery.....?
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