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  1. Hello @Emmanuel, I will not be able to attend for an unexpected matter, sorry for the short notice. I pulled out my RSVP.
  2. Sorry @Gaurav, I will have to drop out leaving my spot to someone from the waiting list, I got some urgent place to be in the afternoon so I booked morning drive instead, been looking forward to driving with you, hopefully next time
  3. Hi @Frederic, can you please add me to wait list of this drive "Batayeh to Masafi" Thanks.
  4. Thanks Syed, Any particular shop or area? I have been to dragon mart but I could not find that flag, I do get lost in there
  5. Hi @Emmanuel, I have all the above except the flag, my old flag's bolt is ruined, I have mounted the quick release flag base but I am waiting the split pole flag (2 piece), it was supposed to be availabe this week but probably it will not as I understood from XXXXXXXXX today they said might be next week, is there any other place including Ace and adventure HQ where I can get such a flag pole? I have been struggling with the long 'one piece' pole in my car.
  6. Thanks Ale for the file, I use Gaia, I see 2 overlapping tracks ( blue and purple) what is the difference?
  7. Indeed, it was fun riding with all of you, and thanks a lot folks for leading us and for being patient with us
  8. Hello, looking forward to this drive with everyone, i drive a FJ with the following checklist: Hello again! Here is my checklist: you have any prior off-road experience: few times in Al Qudra desert your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks / eyelets: yes tire deflator: yes tire pressure gauge: yes off-road flag: yes (though i have never mounted it but i have placed the mounting bracket) air compressor: yes i have a question though: i was planning to come with my family (wife and 2 children in their car seats) is that ok? assuming the ride should be quite easy given the level. thanks
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