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  1. I just need 520 subscribers to start , see this https://dubai.dubizzle.com/motors/used-cars/jeep/wrangler/2021/4/18/jeep-wrangler-rubicon-2021-392-edition-470-2-368---50346e563dae4991866fceaed2e71695/. Well, just a cheeky way to opening the discussion, clearly I don't have such a business and 520,000 AED for that Jeep , even with a V8 seems an abuse. Yet, that car might be a bruiser.Looking forward to seeing it in the sand. I wonder how will react to the overheating challenges though, if you through a needle in the engine bay, it will never reach the ground, so tightly packed. If
  2. I personally think that the future is all electric, it might not be as fast until oil price and government directives help with the shift. The mild hybrids are a bit of mechanical gimmick in my view and mostly because most governments impose taxes to producers whose portfolio don't meet the pollution thresholds. True hybrids like for instance the Corollas we see in taxis fleet, do have a better advantage, and more so the plug in hybrids. Overall hybrid technology was invented to help with emissions in transients: e.g. especially when you accelerate, the thermodynamic conditions of an int
  3. This is to share an idea with the forum and sees what other think... I loved my first masterclass with Carnity with @Ale Vallecchi that initiated me to this wonderful activity. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to get initiated. As a matter of fact, I am planning soon my second masterclass, working my making space in the agenda, it's good value in my view. Here, and purely for the sake of brainstorming, an idea for a format of a potential masterclass to add to the existing ones available: it's inspired by the classes you see sometime on high speed tracks. What about having
  4. by the way... since we are on it....I have a side topic related to accelaration in approach: I took a dune bashing trip some weeks back ... one of those touristic things.... clearly I was paying attention at the driver. In most dunes, the driver was approaching them not with a steady accelerator but instead with intermittent acceleration, pushing and releasing the accelerator. It almost felt he was looking for the "right power"... this is just a guess but communication was impossible (my arabic language is .... inexistent ..... so I left with a "shukran" and lot of curiosity)... is
  5. Your post is perfect and reality beats theory every day of the week ! I can imagine indeed the pressure is a huge factor, esp each PSI less at those pressures is a big change (it's the percentage wise gain).... Ah.... only Sunday and I am dying to be back, I will be out of the country for 10 days and miss 2 weekends though! 😪
  6. Grazie @Ale Vallecchi, this is what I meant, working the gears. I am very rarely revving up much, but when I do the car shifts up at the wrong time , I guess this is about a) having the right momentum (anticipating without exaggerating) and b) selecting the right gear (e.g. with 3rd, car will shift to 4th etc ..). Sometimes I found to need this, e.g. when there's a down slope followed by a steep dune out (technical terrain ?) ... when I push on the way out sometime the car shifts up too early and trouble awaits
  7. Great post overall , thanks @Niki and your point about the low-rpm-driving style is actually exactly why I asked the question: I noticed the fluidity that the marshals and the experience folks have. It's not about shredding the dune , they seem to be flying softly over them (at least the easier drives I am following these days, I guess on the extreme ones might be a bit different), like a modern Aladdin ! That effortless drive style actually is my short term objective and that's why I was curious... I am a mechanical engineer and had a look at the torque graph of some of the most common
  8. Thanks and great point both the soft sand.... I was just beside second lead in that drive and I am very happy to record it ... you can learn so much from watching later.
  9. Thanks @Frederic for putting this together... it's also good for coming back every now and then and refresh some fundamentals. Let me also ask a question to all.... in one of my latest drive where were some faster criss crossing. I always went back to the advice of following a snake-like trajectory with a smooth steering at the beginning of the exit and then continue with a slight sharper steering until you're perpendicular to the dune going down. Yet, I noticed that some more experience drivers were continuing the downward manouevery by entering into side-sloping ... it didn't look dang
  10. To start with, let me say I love the FJ Cruiser (except its blind spots) !! It's so capable from many points of view. I have a question about your driving style. In terms of gear/shift, I usually drive in "D", but I noticed that below 2500/3000 rpm the torque is much lower than below that. Is it me, still a rookie in this world, of any of you has similar observation? is there a min RPM you try not to fall below when affording (e.g. by shifting down) Thanks a ton ! Paolo
  11. here as promised a couple of goodies: the track, a little vid of the ride and a nice side sloping courtesy of @sertac !
  12. Amazing , I really enjoyed some proper side sloping and few criss crossing and drops that reminded me how capable the car is …. Also amazed that I could recovery it so easily in one occasion … I also enjoyed the shorter nature of the convoy , much more agile and…. Driving in the rain in Dubai ! How many times THAT happens ? I will share some hopefully nice vids too bad I felt dizzy in the last half hour, but I am well , I think it was sleep deprivation @Mehmet Volgaand @Nivin you rocked alternating as leaders , I enjoyed riding with you! @sertac a wonderful second lead , it fe
  13. @Kailas hi, sorry but I will skip tonight, I hope you guys will have a blast
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