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  1. I moved to UAE last January from Singapore where car were super expensive, and even owning a Citroen C3 like I did felt a luxury , same prices as a new LC here I was determined to to enjoy a good ride and had my eyes on second hand sports car, which are relatively affordable. But a friend who’s into 4WD invited me to a BBQ in the desert that turned into ‘do you want to try to drive my LC?’ I played with around the SkyDive Dubai Area with him sitting beside me and just telling me the basic… I started enjoying so much even if i got stuck so many times in small dunes no lo
  2. I don't do extensive camping , mostly one night. So I went with a "passive" cooler, not electrified, easy to move around. I splurged in Yeti Hopper 12 cooler. Way overpriced but I bought it on sale so not too bad. It holds the equivalent of dozen cans. I tend to use it with reusable icepacks I had before some cheaper soft coolers but the Yeti is indeed superior when it comes to holding the temperature for a much longer time.
  3. This is an advice you will (maybe should!) discard. But if you don't care about "small" issues (like a need for a trailer, the need for the same entry/exit point, lack of comfort and especially air conditioning), the real machine for the sand in my modest opinion is an UTV like Polaris or CanAm. They are purpose built , have a power to weight ratio several times better than any of the mentioned cars not to speak about the wheel and especially suspension that can travel 20 inches. The price of a good new one is very high (e.g. 25k to 30k USD), the durability a question mark. Clearly
  4. My fav - Toyota FJ. The one I drive, biggest flaw is visibility at certain angles - Nissan Patrol Y61. The biggest flaw I see is the price and an used one that has not beaten up may be hard to find - Wrangler. Biggest problem from what I heard is reliability, I don’t have data to back this up - Honor mention to Pajeros, I am not a big fan but they have incredible value for money all are super capable but we have drivers that make magic with either huge American seven seaters SUV or nimble Suzuki Jimny.
  5. it is indeed @Alexander Alcala, by far the car that has most after market companies working for. It's iconic , it's actually part of our history , seriously. It's also amazing how they managed to keep the production running strong since forever. When I went with the FJ, it was really like flipping a coin against the Wrangler... in the hindsight ? I'd have both ! and a Y 61....
  6. there’s also some time the regret of the day (or month) after … the mod. ‘I didn’t really need this…’ or worse ‘I preferred as it was before….’ but sometimes makes technical sense, some other times it just satisfies a desire. In both cases I am very empathetic. Life is too short, way too short …. Ps: sorry from my Jeep lover friends and thinking of @Alexander Alcalainitial response , I can’t avoid not attaching this pic Ps: I like Jeeps!
  7. Btw there are some skid plates that block access to things like the access for oil exchange, yes , it’s badly done but I understand it happens when custom made. So make sure you get it done by a serious garge that doesn’t cut corners
  8. Each time I see Mario’s car, especially above the skid plate, I can’t avoid loving it …. My FJ must be jealous 💔
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