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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021


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  1. Love the idea, it looks super fun and well thought of. I am pulling my hair but I will be on a plane as this happens, I wish I could join. you all have a lot of fun and May this be a repeating event of our carnity tradition
  2. It brings a new sense to the words: ‘you are digging’
  3. Thanks… do I see an axe in the pic ? @Frederic
  4. As per @Frederic advice, I am setting up some basic tools potentially useful and to be kept in the car is there any good tool set readily available in the market , with the right tools assortment, so to sure save some dirhams and have also maybe a mounded case which will reduce rattling ?
  5. I think that is the right path Truth is that a side by side ATV would probably climb that bowl without sweating, the one I’d love to test has a 270 HP/Ton power weight (attn @Alex Raptor)
  6. I have also a power to weight issue, my doctor keeps reminding me ! i climbed Faya many times , but I think @Gaurav means from the steep side I a out of this but I might start a recovery business by that date, I have a hunch
  7. Anybody thought to put 4 air jacks inside the car and use it similarly to what done in nascar cars ? a push of a well secured botton and up you go ! (I know now that @Hisham Masaad and @Alex Raptor are thinking about it )
  8. Humanity always loved a good blood show, think of Romans …. This is going to be a sand coliseum: popcorn , a san pellegrino , music and good camera are ready, let the show begin
  9. @Alex Raptor has one of these and can probably comment, while @Alexander Alcalause the balloon jack if I recall coy… sorry guys for bringing you in but expertise is sought and we need the wizards !
  10. @topgearUhmmm I bought super nice roof rack from Rhino Rack, I wanted to go camping.... I bought it in April, I went camping once...before hot weather started... a couple of nights at Ritz would have costed me much less ! Waiting to gain more experience in the hopefully soon-to-be-scheduled Liwa trips with the club So, with the vast experience I have, I have just used to transport my huge swag , it goes in its bag secured with tie ratchets and is solid as a rock. I am afraid I am not the most experienced on the topic. Accessories from rhino rack and pelican (both expensive, the latt
  11. Point 1) is the deal breaker, unless we follow the icebreaking model....somebody will buy one first... then convince the rest... on Amazon and custom... well it's a risk and on 3... I guess a portable model has to be.... the cost is not much higher than a kangda...
  12. Anybody bought a more expensive brand like Cobra or Midland etc, whether handheld or Fixed-Mount , from say Amazon.com? If so, any better experience in terms of range and interference ? Do you need a license for these ? Examples:
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