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  1. Here’s a FJC. Happy with light Cooper AT (AT3 4S). Yoko Geolander seem great as well. I’d advice against BFG KO2 , too heavy, but many like it especially if you plan to do Wadis my advice ? Start with HT if that is what you have, I think a Marshal I know still runs HT? When you found their limit, you upgrade . This is the best advice I was given … and never followed though ! bienvenido y que lo disfrutes ! See you soon on the sand! calling @Ale Vallecchi, @Niki, @JeromeFJ, @Hisham Masaad among others to comment. There’s a prospective FJ fellow to help !
  2. Fred, my face of surprise is because I don’t understand why no more members jump on it ! It’s an amazing opportunity , I wish I were in town to join ! But clearly the less the better for the convoy, this is going to be amazing fun and adrenaline
  3. @munkybizness between the two, I'd use following decision criteria Cost Model/Brand/Thread design/weight - e.g. fancy mud terrain are not the best in sand, I know you made your research Availability in the UAE, e.g. don't buy anything too exotic, when you will break a tyre, it won't cost you too much time and dirhams Compatibility - of course doesn't touch any part fo the car when you steer completely.... On purpose I didn't comment on the small size difference, because I wouldn't consider material for the choice. I've personally moved from 275/7
  4. I expect to see the turbocharge drone with a winch soon @Alex Raptor, now you can justify becuase of the increased group responsibilities !
  5. Sorry @Niki.... I can't avoid commenting... an item for sale on the French site of Aliexpress... this is the devotion that FJ owners have to their cars...
  6. Hope you can make it @JeromeFJ I was there a couple of weeks back only to shred my tyre after 30 mins, bad luck, but that half a hour was worth the trip, the new tyre and a new heart after those amazing bowls. I'm addicted, I was almost changing my travel plan after seeing the announcement of this drive!
  7. Yes.... and I am going to miss it again ! I am outside of the country this coming WE. Have fun guys, but not too much: leave something for when we're doing it AGAIN in some weeks , right @Lorenzo Candelpergher????????
  8. Have a great one @Foxtrot Oscar
  9. Facebook marketplace worked as a breeze for me when I sold my KO2. I am running the At3 4S now and so far satisfied
  10. I echo the enthusiasm of the fellow drivers: once more @Ale Vallecchi supported by @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil, Mr Q @Hisham Masaad and I-will-leave-none-behind @Alex Raptor delivered the goods ! A mix of technical, long range, unavoidable ridges (Ale's signature) , our sand avenue to Solar park and an unbelievable golden hour that made every thing magic, such a blessing and nature at its best With very few hiccups quickly self-sorted are a testimony of the fun the team had, definitely I enjoyed it ! Thank you. As usual... here some souvenir in memory of the time spent together.
  11. @Niki we need you to balance the FJ vs Wrangler number.... oh... we let then the Raptors play with each other EDIT: I miscalculated given the last convoy changes... with @Niki the FJs would outnumber the Wrangler and the world would encounter its equilibrium again !
  12. @Alex Raptor, the moment electric engines make it to the status of reliable 4WD options, I will not look back. There's nothing like them when it comes to torque delivery. Yes, the nay-sayers are many, but even if I have a mechanical engineering background, I look forward to the electrification: not for enviromental reasons alone (which have pros and cons), but especially for reliability (people hate electronics... but can you imagine a world without all the mechanical parts we have today?) , simplicity and driving pleasure here a couple of vids
  13. Cayenne and dune hill climb! Would love to see a video of that! Just a week ago I told a good friend that you’d never take a cayenne to the desert abs here you go, @Gaurav did that ! Not sure I can sleep well tonight: where does the above leaves you and me @Niki?!?
  14. The Wrangler 392? I don’t know if by now has been launched but a casual conversation with the dealer some weeks ago mentioned the 340/360 range …. More than double than my FJ when bought new ….
  15. I concur @Alex Raptor, I think the Wrangler 392 might be the best of the bunch for our market considering all factors. Still a bit scared by its price and I wonder how that engine will do in terms of temperature handling in our summers.
  16. Just had "fun" putting some comparisons together, I did it very quickly so the reference points might not be precise to the point , especially for the Raptor as I found some very different numbers, but I compared some key specs. In the end, more than fun I realised I got a bit hurt as FJ fan...
  17. by the way, it's funny to see how some marketing depts just love to take a piss at each other: no need to look further at the war between Wrangler and Bronco, and the one now between TRX and Raptor (and ford is rumoured to counter move offering a Raptor-R not far in the future)... You sparked the attention of the mechanical engineer in me: what design flaws these guys had ?
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