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  1. Went past the dealership again today and even spoke with the service technicians. All Nissan Patrol models come with differential locks. He even raised the car and showed me the differential locks which were on the rear wheels only. He said that when you place it in 4L or 4H central differential locks automatically. Thereafter there is another switch that locks the rear differentials which i saw in all models. The service guy also said that this has been stock in all safari models post 2012. Prior to that some cars only came with it. That said i really like the shape and features of the
  2. Hi gaurav, I have compared all models as per the brochure and the rear differential lock comes with all models except for the saffari sv model. This was on page 30-31. I think they have made this option stock now on the 2021 safari models. OR I am reading this brochure incorrectly.🤣
  3. As per the Sales guys there are 3 models in the 2021 Model Safari Series. GL - This is the base model. Engine is the same in all 3 variants. Interiors are super basic in this model with all manual cloth seats etc. Safari - This is the mid model. Engine and all is the same but this has manual rexine seats, sunroof and no reverse camera and basic stereo Super Safari - Top model with leather seats, electronic seats, apple carplay with camera and sensors. As per the sales guys all the mechanical aspects including engine and drivetrain are the same in all models only the interi
  4. Ok. So I must mention I already have a daily ride so this is just my offroading car but will definitely go with the family as they are keen too. For how long they are keen is uncertain. That said after reviewing my options it looks like if I was to spend less than 200K my only option is the Nissan Safari/Super safari. Is this a good car to buy? How sturdy is it? What about parts and maintenance? How easy is it to drive on sand with? Will it get stuck or will it come out easily? Is the 4800cc engine powerful enough considering its a V6?
  5. Hi guys. I'm new to off roading and need some advice for you'll. I want to buy a 4X4 for some casual offroading especially in the desert. Definitely want to drive in the dunes on soft sand and want to have a vehicle that has good safety and has good technology to come out of being stuck. Safety is important as I'll be going with the family. My choices are as per follows: 1. Toyota Land Cruiser - 4L, V6 2. Toyota Land Cruiser - 4.6L, V8 3. Toyota Land Cruiser - 5.7L, V8 4. Nissan Patrol LE - 5.6L, V8 5. Nissan Safari/ super safari - 4.8L V6 ALL OF THE A
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