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  1. Morning everyone. I won't be able to join today, as am not keeping very well.. tried to leave, but will better skip it. Apologies for the last minute Brette. Will see you guys soon again..
  2. Frederic; you lead us excellently and had carved a nice route, which coupled with the awesome weather, gave a fantastic learning experience. Thank you very much..
  3. Hi Islam - I will not be able to join the drive tomorrow morning. Apologies.
  4. Hi Brette, I am not keeping well and will have to skip the drove tomorrow. Apologies for the last minute update. Thanks,
  5. Hello. Thanks for the message. Looking forward to the drive. I will be driving a 5 door Pajero 3.6 Ltr. It has a front and rear hook for towing. I have driven before in fun drives only. I have the deflator and pressure guage, and will borrow the compressor from a friend who is also joining the drive. See you!
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