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  1. @Gok Krish.. I would have definitely got double shot for you. Apparently, I was discussing with @Asif Hussain on this and I may not be able to join tomorrow’s drive. It is unfortunate that I am missing this new unexplored area, but family commitments always takes precedence
  2. Thanks to my leads @Asif Hussain, @Srikumar, @Chaitanya D, @Mehmet Volga, @Frederic, @Gaurav, @Vanessa8580, @M.Seidam, @sertac, @Kailas
  3. Understand @Mohamad Anwer but it will get hotter by 8 / 8.30 and will be difficult to drive after
  4. Sorry @Asif Hussainbhai… couldnt join this drive. Will join your next drive for sure
  5. Hi @Islam Soliman, we are getting fog alert quite frequently now. Let see if we can have a delayed start by 30 mins and will drive till our car gets heated up
  6. Congratulations @Salim Akhtar… enjoy the dunes with your brand new skid plates
  7. @ASAD. Below link will take you to the gas station which is nearest to the start point. But, as @Mus_hus78 said, if you are driving from dubai, you may choose the one in E66 after Faqaa/ Bida ADNOC Service Station | Al Saad (854) 800 300 https://goo.gl/maps/snPxyUksnzWiwEv59
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