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  1. Sorry @Asif Hussainbhai… couldnt join this drive. Will join your next drive for sure
  2. Hi @Islam Soliman, we are getting fog alert quite frequently now. Let see if we can have a delayed start by 30 mins and will drive till our car gets heated up
  3. Congratulations @Salim Akhtar… enjoy the dunes with your brand new skid plates
  4. @ASAD. Below link will take you to the gas station which is nearest to the start point. But, as @Mus_hus78 said, if you are driving from dubai, you may choose the one in E66 after Faqaa/ Bida ADNOC Service Station | Al Saad (854) 800 300 https://goo.gl/maps/snPxyUksnzWiwEv59
  5. Scorpion Sting Despite this subject is well explained in many of the posts in our carnity forum, I wanted to create an awareness based on my personal experience. On Saturday night, we, 4 families along with kids were camping and star gazing in Al Quoa Milky Way spot. On this night, my spouse became an innocent victim to a scorpion sting when we were sitting on the sands. Before the incident happened, unfortunately she removed her shoes to clean up the sand and sat for some time with bare foot - which caused all this. Thanks to guidance from carnity, we had clicked a foto of that tiny thing, in order to show to doctor for proper diagnosis. Within the span of five minutes her entire left leg turned numb with deep burning sensation and she couldn’t walk or place her leg on the floor (sting happened on her left leg foot, below the thumb finger). I immediately called the ambulance using 999 service, who rushed to the spot in less than 45 minutes and checked all her vitals including BP, pulse rate, blood oxygen etc. and confirmed that everything is normal. We went to the nearest seha hospital in the ambulance which is in Al Wagan area and the doctors treated her with pain killers and anti allergy injections. The pain (severe to moderate) lasted for 24 to 36 hours, post which she was able to walk comfortably. Pain still continues to exist (slight level) in the respective area, which should go off completely in next 24 hours. Key Takeaways: Do not panic and keep your hopes high and blood pressure at normal levels. If there is no giddiness after 15 or 30 mins, there is no problem at all. In case of giddiness, then this requires some quick treatment along with antidodes. Numbness and pain are quite normal in this case. As per Seha, none of the species in UAE desert are venomous and thus there is no antidode required. (They haven’t given any antidode to my spouse). The hospital staffs said they see more than 5 cases in a day with such instances. Dont rush to hospital yourself, as this needs some specialises practical experience to treat such incidents. City Hospitals may lack that speciality. 999 ambulance is the right option. We visited NMC Urgent Care, the next day morning, due to severe pain - they reviewed the treatments provided by Seha and informed that there is no further treatment can be provided there. Time is the only heal for this pain with few pain killer medications. Be ready to withstand the pain for 48 hours. Lastly, never remove shoes. Special thanks to @Gaurav and @M.Seidam for your care and advice over the phone. Tons and Tons of Thanks to @Asif Hussain, who drove all the way during such late hours, to help my friends in removing the car from sand while I am attending my spouse in the hospital. Asif Bhai, you always hold a special place in our heart for your kindness and support. Our respects for you is on highest levels. Here is the photo of that black sheep.
  6. @Vanessa8580, sorry i had to drop off due to other personal engagements.
  7. @Islam Soliman Sorry I cant make it and have to remove myself from RSVP
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