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  1. It was a faulty switch, can only be fixed tomorrow. But an easy fix. Actually i was lucky, it could have been in faqa See you folks next time Have a great drive
  2. Hi @Rizwanm2need to drop from this one Jist got a gear box issue Need to take to the mechanic
  3. Hi @Ale Vallecchi, apologies I will have to drop out. Have a great drive folks!
  4. Thanks everyone for the great drive! It felt like FB+ to me most of the time, we have great drives there. See you next time!
  5. My dear friends! The adrenaline rush is still on. I felt like going to the Top Gun academy with the captain @GauravSoni"Maverick". This is literaly a flight school now 🤣, I did fly few times... 😎 Thanks for the great drive and memories. See you on the sand soon.
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