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  1. Hi not scared off i promise but got car back but not fixed so back with mechanic and wont get it back till tomorrow afternoon Hopefully @PaoloMarazitior @Loopercan join in my place Enjoy and see you next weeek
  2. Lorenzo Electrics on the car have gone haywire, was hoping mechanic would able to do a quick fix today, but just let me know wont be ready for tomorrow morning Apologies for the short notice Hope you all have a great drive. Darren
  3. My apologies everyone. Daughter got her GCSE results yesterday and i never got round to checking the group so see if anyone had dropped out and i had been added. Hope you had a great drive See you all soon
  4. Fantastic news and well deserved. Looking forward to our next drive together @Zed
  5. @Ale Vallecchi really fun drive with some great ridge riding and criss crossing and then a bit of tecky stuff thrown in for good measure Love these mid week drives - just breaks the week up 😃 Well done @Chinthaka Ruwanat 2nd lead and as always reassuring to have @Gaurav Soniat sweep Cant finish this post without mention of my first pop out - having seen a few being fixed before it was good to be able to do this one for myself. Thanks to everyone who assisted and expert guidance from @Ale Vallecchiand @Gaurav Soni. Will keep and extra PSI or 2 in the tyres going forward 💪 Se
  6. @M.Seidam great news!! Very well deserved, see you in the sand soon
  7. @Shaz Shahvery well deserved, looking forward to our next drive together.
  8. @Ranjan Das absolutely no issue, he is directly above me in the list so easy to click on the wrong one. Enjoyed the drive immensely and great to see you as always
  9. Wow in less than 1 minute the drive is fully booked Definitely @Islam Solimandrives are becoming very popular
  10. First time to Al Aweer area, and have to say i really enjoyed it!! Thanks @Ale Vallecchifor a really fun drive, which gave everyone a fantastic opportunity to repeatedly practice and finesse both their ridge riding and criss crossing skills later in the drive. Also thanks for trusting me at sweep for the first time, the occasional bit of digging and guiding off the ridge was all that was required, so well done everyone. Well done @Alain Canivet-Abikhalilfor another faultless performance at 2nd lead and @Nivinfor being a superb CF and of course the gentle tug off the final dune (so ve
  11. No i was definitely last unless there was a handicap based on the car's age (and apparently the driver's age - according to @Islam Soliman) then i would have been first 🤣
  12. @Anish Sthanks for a great mid week drive, had a bit of everything which was great. @Lakshmi Narasimhanthanks for the winch out, i don't think the Tahoe was coming out otherwise 💪. I was definitely working up a sweat with all the left and right steering even with the AC on full 😃 Thanks to everyone else that helped with the digging also Thanks to @Lakshmi Narasimhanand @Anish S for the loan of the compressor at the end of the drive , really not sure what was happening as checked the alternator this morning and all was fine (will just have to keep a careful eye on it for next couple o
  13. Well done mate @Russlooking forward to seeing you and the beast on the next Fewbie + drive
  14. I do agree i may be over compensating for something else 🤣 However, i [email protected] Vallecchito thank for that, when i was firmly told on pretty much my first drive that the shovel I did have was completely inadequate for off roading Have to say the new one works a treat and helped make freeing @Islam Solimana cinch 💪
  15. @Islam Solimanreally great drive with an amazing range of challenges thrown in on the way🤣. Thanks @Mario Cornejofor a flawless 2nd lead and @Hisham Masaadfor his continuous support at CF. @Mehmet Volgaparticularly thanks for keeping us true at the back and especially for the couple of tugs 😃 . Great fun and cant wait to meet up with everyone again on the next one
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