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  1. What about post-2005 Pathfinders? I can see some cheap ones knocking around for <20k AED online. Also, would love to get a SWB because they look super fun but the 4-doors are a must. Makes it much easier to go on trips with a group!
  2. Cheers Gaurav, very helpful. Based on your last para, I may avoid the Patrol then and go for one of the other 4x4s you've recommended on another post on this site. Seems like too much risk and potential headache. Might try and find a budget Pajero, Pathfinder or a Prado instead. Thanks!
  3. Considering buying a Nissan Patrol Super Safari from 2000 with ~300k km on the clock How is the manual transmission version for off-roading in the desert? I've read some things on this forum about 1st being too short and 2nd being too long- is that a dealbreaker? Some more context on how it will be used: - I'm not an experienced off-roader, and just want a bit of fun. Won't be doing anything too crazy - Will not be used on daily commute. Just for weekend trips and excursions
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