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  1. Hi @Super Safari Girl, after starting out with a TJM single compressor I quickly realised that it wasn’t up to the job - took too long and cut out in summer temperatures before I had reached ideal pressure…I decided to install an on-board ARB twin compressor and together with a 4-in-1 hose system it’s a complete game changer! A process that previously took the best part of 30 minutes is now done in less than 10…not cheap but definitely worth it..
  2. Thanks guys for a great drive yesterday, @Islam Soliman you picked a fantastic route! The drive from Big Red to Pink Rock was probably my favourite part of any drive so far and everyone drove superbly! Thanks as always to those who supported, and great to finally meet @Hisham Masaad. @PaoloMaraziti, great footage and a bit of Depeche Mode, awesome!
  3. Hi Hisham, I think we are driving together tomorrow for the first time! Thanks and look forward to it!
  4. Thanks @marks for the drive this morning and the opportunity at CF. Today was the first time I have started in white sand and ventured into the red, so we explored lots of different and challenging terrain, with everyone doing really well. Thanks to @Jeepie and @Nabil Bisharafor the support and advice. Shout out to @Sunil Mathewwho had a perfect drive in front of me, and another fellow Carnity Raptor driver @darren thompson, and of course @Warren Flayand his endless supply of ear plugs 😉 Hope to see you all soon.
  5. Thank you @Lorenzo Candelpergher for organising a mid-week drive, and my first night drive which I thoroughly enjoyed! To echo others, really glad to hear @PaoloMaraziti is feeling better, you had us worried there for a while buddy, I was expecting a helicopter ride home for you! Also thanks to @Chaitanya D, @Shaz Shah for the support and making these drives possible. Until the next time..
  6. Hi @Lorenzo Candelpergher, you have the wrong car listed for me again, not sure if it makes any difference to your convoy ordering (I have a Raptor not a Pajero) Thanks and see you later!
  7. Guys really enjoyed that drive, especially the mid section where the pace increased, I echo that I have a new found appreciation of Qudra now! Thanks @Yousef Alimadadi, @Frederic (Most notably for the 5am Ibiza beats and assistance with my dodgy valve haha) and @Janarthan, and finally getting to meet @Niki. See you soon.
  8. @Niki, @Watteauand I already in touch on this subject off-line so he is fully aware of my (expensive) troubles!
  9. Hi Paolo, I recently installed the APEX valves on my Raptor and the TPMS worked fine...HOWEVER...despite buying the XL valves I have found out the hard way that they do not fit the rims of my truck so have reverted back to OEM...so I have a set of barely used APEX valves going now!!
  10. Yes please @Hisham Masaad!! I hope you don’t regret this kind offer 🤣
  11. Generation 3 Raptor to be sold imminently in the US market so expect to see it here sometime next year…do I like the look of it? Hmmmm…
  12. Thanks @Hisham Masaad, any chance of a few pictures of your set-up? Also what app are you using on your phone, and how does it connect with your install?
  13. Hi all, some really useful suggestions here and find myself in exactly the same position trying to save time inflating (a single compressor on 4 Raptor tyres is not fun!)…can anyone suggest a supplier here that can supply and install systems based on what we require, and not just what suits them to sell? PS - Love the idea of using the phone to control what is going on!
  14. Hi @Anish S confirmed I will be able to join you guys, thanks and see you soon!
  15. Thanks @Tamas Hoffmann for leading a midweek drive yesterday where I think we were so fortunate to have you as well as two Marshal’s with us @Ale Vallecchi @Chaitanya D! Great route and amazing sunset. Always good to see @TT_Dubai, @Darren Brookeand @Thomas Varghese (for whom I got to use my shovel for the first time 🙂) See you all soon.
  16. Thanks @Anish S much appreciated. I will post on here latest 15:00 either way to let you know 👍🏼
  17. Hi @Anish S I may be able to join you depending on how my day pans out and if you still have space, how soon before the drive would you need me to confirm?
  18. Looking forward to this guys, @Tamas Hoffmann thanks for arranging a mid-week drive!
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