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  1. I initially had same thought as the output figures are identical, until I read someone saying its dual VVTi for Fortuner, and I looked up Toyota ae and found out they all have dual VVT-i mentioned on their performance spec ( Fortuner Hillux adventure LC70 series). we need to chop up a newer 1gr fe engine to find out🤡 https://www.toyota.ae/en/new-cars/hilux-adventure/4.0-l/
  2. congratulations @M.Seidamtruely deserved promotion! You have the exemplary heart of an offroader Have learnt so much from you and look forward to more!
  3. Thanks all for the help, tools, and patient waiting, The car is sent straight to garage, should know soon if the engine is still ok or not. Hope you still had a good drive later on😶😶
  4. There is green brand from Australia (club policy I cannot disclose the name) have decent accessories for Hillux, not sure about tow points but tow bar they do have.
  5. My experience with cooper AT3 was noisy onroad, shaky handling above 110km that I once thought something broke under my car, and yes weak sidewall, had a fist size of bubble on one of the tires that I never had on HT offroading, which is very strange to me. But offroad it did give me more grip which I could clearly feel, and it has one of the best look among AT tires in my opinion now I have been using yoko geolander G015 since 40 drives back, around 20k kilometer on the dash. couldnt been more satisfied with the tire, moderate noisy onroad (cruising at 130-140kmh) almost no effect on handling. Never had one single popout, absolutely zero hassle tire to me, I run 8-10 psi with stock rim. Plus its cheaper than mainstream AT tire. The only con could the it looks just as gentle as a HT 😁. I see that Rydanz Raptor AT has been receiving positive comments, anyone has experience with it?
  6. Hi @Chaitanya D I have put myself in manage, hope you don't mind that
  7. there is no leak, I disconnected the battery from both terminals for 3 days to check if it holds, and it didnt. and I cant find the warranty card anymore ☹️
  8. I will definitely keep one spare battery in my car from now on.... my own daily's battery died without sign this week; my pathfinder's few month old battery seems to be defective that doesnt hold charge for longer than 3 days; see at least 1 case each weekend that someone's having battery issue battery's failure can be solved easily just by ourselves, but so critical that can stop a fully mechanically healthy car from running....
  9. An IM drive that has everything I look for, short convey, competent drivers, fast pace, trackless desert with nice weather. and I could find the room for improvement which is very important to me. At initial part we stayed above 30km/hr average moving speed on the ridges only! and we completed the drive with 26.2km/hr average moving speed. Thank you @GauravSonifor the lead, and @Chinthaka Ruwan @Thomas Varghese @Looper for joining and support. See you soon back in sands!
  10. Congrats Varun! Can't wait to join one of your drives 🙌🙌
  11. Thank you Thomas and @Looperfor joining 😃😃😃, this drive will be a blast I'm sure
  12. @Simon Dawood @Chinthaka Ruwan please dont leave the drive 😭, I think the minimum is 4 cars?
  13. Not sure how much the mechanic put, but definitely enough to make the fan roar
  14. My testimony on this: Cause: My fan clutch was dying few weeks back so I replaced with a new one and topped the silicone up. Observation: The fan is much louder than before and ofc no more overheating now in the peak summer 😃😃😃, finally feeling what's like to be a Toyota owner but still flooring the mighty VQ40DE engine. The downside: is obviously a bit lose of power, (feel more like an additional ac compressor is working), fuel economy not sure because Pathfinder is no longer my daily. But it is nothing compare to solving the overheating issue permanently. Experiment on extreme condition: Did IM with Ale few days back climbing dunes in Badayer in the afternoon, with ambient temperature of 47c at the start, no obvious overheating issue except the coolant temperature reached 100c at the first climb, the rest of drive was cool and temperature never reached beyond 95c including climbing extremely softened iftar super bowls, and few minutes of 4low maneuver on a slope with no wind. And I don't think any drive can be more extreme than this drive. Additional benefits for Pathfinder is that the gearbox will not disable locking in low gears as the gearbox is cooler too.
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