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  1. Dear @Shaaz Sha! I was really looking forward to this drive with you but something came up at work and looks like I have to drop out! Really hope to catch you another time! Have fun guys!!
  2. Absolutely amazing drive @JeromeFJ! Thanks @Beide Workufor the support as well! And thanks @Gurcharan Mehta for the tip regarding the Crawl Control! It worked amazingly well! Looking forward to driving with you guys again! @Jessica Lambertyou did amazingly well and I couldn't fly out of the pocket like you did. Last time I try that and looks like I need to manage the weight of my beast a little better!
  3. Congrats @JeromeFJ! Very well deserved! And you ARE an amazing lead!
  4. Thanks again @M.Seidamand @Rizwanm2, and @topgearfor managing a wondeful first Fewbie drive! Even though I had to cut it short it was still amazing! Also thanks @Indra Ozolafor the concern! He is doing well! Hope to meet you guys again soon! And apologies to all for the inconvenience!
  5. Insha Allah! Looking forward to it! How do you guys wake up at 3.30 in the morning though?? 🤔
  6. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement! I don't think I have felt such a sense of accomplishment since my graduation!! Looking forward to my first fewbie drive!!
  7. Great drive! Thanks again @Wrangeldfor stepping in and making space for the rest of us on the wait list. Thanks to @Looperas well and all the rest of the team! Was a good pop-out special as well. Lots to learn!
  8. Looking forward to driving with you again @Kailas . What Channel are we going to be on?
  9. Congratulations @Imteeaz! Not long before you hit the expert! And here I am struggling to join a newbie drive when they get full and overbooked in 5 minutes!! @GauravCan we please have more newbie drives so we get a chance to upgrade??😁
  10. Thanks for the warning as well as the encouragement ! Its just that it's such a looooooong drive!
  11. Glad to know that all turned out well! Just to add a few pointers - if for whatever reason you do remove your shoes, turn them upside down, dust them and then put them on. This removes sand as well any critters that may have crawled inside. 2) if you have ice, use it immediately! Apply on the bite/bruise/sting/cut. Any kind if injury, ice will reduce the inflammation and pain. 3) might be a good idea to carry some Bruffen/Voltaren or similar over the counter pain killer. Pandadol/Paracetamol is too mild and NOT anti inflammatory. A calamine ointment will help as well. Lastly an antihistamine will help in Case of any allergy. Just make sure that all these medicines are kept out of the heat and not kept in the car! Keep safe guys!
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