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  1. Sorry about this @Wrangeld To be honest I wasn't aware of how the system works. I will sign out as requested from this one. Thanks BR Vikas
  2. Hello @Wrangeld, This will be my 2nd Ride with Carnity. I have previously been on an Absolute Newbie ride earlier this month. I have a Nissan Pathfinder R51 2008 model with a 2 Inch Lift Kit. I have a radio, Flag, Deflator Kit and a Compressor for now along with a D shackle at the rear. About my experience all I can say is that I am still Learning. I hope this helps. Thanks. BR Vikas
  3. @Lorenzo Candelpergher Couldn’t agree more with you. Thanks very much for your feedback. This means a lot! 🙏 Will surely try and work more on both, my Strengths and my Weaknesses.👍 Cheers. Thanks. BR Vikas
  4. Thank You @Chaitanya D @Lorenzo Candelpergher for this amazing experience. To be honest there’s nothing more one should expect because you guys are already going not just the extra mile but Miles to help people out and make an amazing experience to remember. Please stay the same! 🙏🙏 I will never forget this and infact look out more for such drives. Thanks very much. Cheers! BR Vikas
  5. @Chaitanya Dhaha. The new gen Pathfinder is more like a “Mall-Finder” 🤦‍♂️ I just ordered the Flag and Suction Cup from Ace. Will pick it up tomorrow on my way back. Will try and manage to get the rest of the stuff. Keep you posted. See you all on Friday. Cheers. BR Vikas
  6. Vikas Bhatia

    Vikas Bhatia

  7. Dear @Chaitanya D I have a Nissan Pathfinder R51 2008 SE model with 2" Lift Kit. I have been off-roading but I am not a Professional. Front and Rear Tow Hooks are Stock. If needed I could Get Two D-Ring Shackles. I Agree to Covid Precautions. I do not have the Deflator Kit, Compressor, Flag and Walkie Talkie. I intend to Purchase it tomorrow from Dragon Mart. I hope this helps. Thanks. BR Vikas
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