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  1. Sorry Everyone, car situation again, hearing some strange noises when i put it into 4-wheel mode and don't want to take risks. Gonna miss this one.
  2. @Ale Vallecchi I broke my driver side sway bar link this morning so I can't make tomorrow anymore since it's Friday and my mechanic is off. Sorry about the last minute drop out... Which I could still make it!
  3. Interested in that test! I've got Fox 2.0 shocks right now and am switching to bypass by the end of the month, so I can do a pre-post, but it will have my bias (and my need not to regret spending more) so a side by side would be awesome.
  4. Hey @Anoop Nair I don't know how people feel about links to products and suppliers here and I haven't figured out how to DM! Generally: LSD = 2-3K AED, e-locker 3-4K AED, Air Locker 5-8K AED (big gap due to compressor, etc.. and manual labor)
  5. Hey @Anoop Nair I’d rather not give any advice till I’ve got more experience and trial. What I did: Have a 2014 sport with a clutch-based LSD that wore out (some models have it, you can check yours with your VIN, it’s called trac-lok, different from BLD which is on most Wranglers) Considered Yukon LSD, ARB Air Locker, and Eaton-Style E-locker rather than replacing it with another trac-lok. Saw that Air Lockers work best, but need a big and expensive setup, so decided against it because I’d rather put the money in bypass shocks. Saw that e-lockers have the
  6. Hey @Frederic Lift: The lift kit is better than larger tires. The main benefits of the lift are approach angle, break-over angle, departure angle, and clearance. With an independent suspension, all that applies evenly. However, with a fixed axle, the clearance part does not apply to your differential because it is “under” the springs, so it does not get lifted. For rock-crawling, this is less of an issue because you manage it through articulation, line, avoiding rocks under you where the differential is located. On sand, especially when cross-crossing, you don’t have that option, so wrang
  7. I've researched this stuff to death and am simply writing the info and experience of others, I am not experienced enough to give a personal view. The lift kit helps a wrangler, but is a little misleading because the lift happens above the differential because we are on fixed axels. That means the tire size is the lift (ground to differential) I regret my Fox 2.0 shocks. Yes, monotube is good, but if you're spending the money on shocks, get a bypass, even if it's a cheaper brand. The desert is all about multiple small/medium vibrations, which is the opposite of rock crawling and a
  8. Hi Everyone, Reviving this thread after a long period of travel and then a return to Dubai! I got my gearing and differentials checked, 2 things popped up: I'm on a 3.71 (not great for 33 inch tires) I have a clutch-based LSD (wears out in the desert and was causing some of the issues) So, I've re-geared to 4.56 and swapped the clutch LSD with an e-locker. This has helped a lot with desert driving. @Frederic the consensus from the Wrangler drivers that I've been talking to around tires is that larger ones help reduce the drag from our differential since the
  9. @Veedooshee your calmness and ability to deliver prompt and useful instructions is a skill I want to learn from you. Thank you. Also, thanks a lot for posting this @M.Seidam because it brings up a very important conversation around a topic that @Brette and I had that day and think might benefit a few people: Gearing Ratios Apologies in advance for the long post. @Frederic your input would be very appreciated as a seasoned manual Wrangler driver To begin, I drive a manual 2014 JK (3.6L Pentastar) with the worst gear ratio (XXXXX Auto said it might be a 3.2) I bought it
  10. The yellow wrangler club! I didn't get the memo to paint mine before heading out
  11. Thanks a lot for the drive lead @Brette and for the great advice throughout @M.Seidam. @Veedooshee thank you for the report, but mostly for the support when I was stuck the many times and for everyone's patience while it happened! Learned a lot on this drive, including what "not" to do on etiquette from our uninvited guests on the ride, as well as a lot about my car and the clutch/power situation at lower speeds. @Brette can you remind me who are the manual (stick shift) wrangler drivers so that I mention them in the thread we talked about relating to the gearing and 4Hi Vs Low for t
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