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  1. Hi Doc @M.Seidam! Thank you for that! Yes I have done some reading on some topics in the Pajero Forum. Hopefully I can go to a garage soon to have everything in order for future desert drives.
  2. Hi guys, It was really an amazing experience driving in the desert for the first time. I would definitely do it again soon but I will try to have a rear bash plate(Just to make sure my bumper won't pop out) and have the car checked as I have some tire rubbing in the wheel well when making a sharp turn😅. Despite the setbacks we had in the desert, I had so much fun and got to know my vehicle's capabilities more, all thanks to @Brette and @M.Seidam. All the best and I hope see you guys soon!
  3. Hi @Brette sorry for the late reply. I have a 2015 Pajero 3.5 LWB. I do have hooks on both front and rear and I think I have atleast 8 inches ground clearance. Hope to have a great experience tomorrow as it is my first time offroading. Thanks a lot!
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