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  1. Well done and well deserved @fayez, congratulations and enjoy your new level :)
  2. @Frederic thank you for the fantastic Newbie drive this morning, it is always a pleasure to support you and learn from you on each and every drive. @Joseph Sebastian Great second lead you kept us all moving fluently behind Freddie well-done. @Natalia Koryakovtseva@sohinik@Ahmad Quadri@Dorian Zissi@L. Petelczyc@Sammy Six @babaski@Arsalan Ehsan@Juan R@essam ibrahim@Ahmad Mehwi@FARAZ MOHAMMED@Tom V@Naim Aoun you guys drove amazingly well with very few stucks and refusals. This was a fantastic achievement especially given the fact that we had 4 Absolute newbies @Dorian Zissi @sohinik @Natalia Koryakovtseva @Ahmad Quadri i hope you all enjoyed the drive as much as we did and learnt oodles from the experience. I hope to see you all in the sand again very soon as we move along the Offroad enthusiast journey gaining Knowledge, Skills and Experience along the way. Thank you @sohinik for allowing me to christen my new winch, that made me very happy to finally find out that it worked and to justify the spend @Rizwanm2 brilliant support from you and fantastic to get to finally meet you. Some drive stats from todays GAIA GPS Have a great rest of your weekend :):)
  3. Welcome to the club @sohinik look forward to driving with you tomorrow
  4. Congratulations @Waqas Parvez welcome to the team mate looking forward to our next adventures together
  5. @Hisham Masaad I Can only Drive Saturday I am afraid, as Friday is a working Day for me
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