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  1. Congratulations @DP1011on your promotion, well done.
  2. Congratulations @RiaanJH on your promotion, well done.
  3. @M.Seidam as always a absolute pleasure driving with you, had a great Sunday morning re-tracing the steps of the desert champions. very interesting to see the route you guys took. every one drove very well as always with very few refusals and stucks. the wife really enjoyed the lakes at the end so appreciate the exit as well. @James Thorn @Chris Wing @MMansoor @Charbel @Joe Biju Joseph @Anoop Nair @Daniel Yang and @Rajiv Sam great driving and great company really enjoy driving with you guys, thanks for a great morning out, @Chris Wing great S/L and @Anoop Nair great sweep position, you guys made it an even better experience with great support. see you all in the sand pit very soon
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