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  1. What an amazing drive thank you all for the great day @Srikumar@Gaurav@Frederic for all the effort in the front. @ASAD.@Waqas Parvez@Vaibhav and @JeromeFJ at the back. I felt really good to be in the middle and well taken care off as the newbie intermediate in this convoy in such a challenging yet amazing fun terrain. Thank you @GauravSoni for taking the lead on the other convoy and make this mesmerizing drive possible to the WL. see you all on the sand.
  2. How come we don't have any pictures from Fred and Asif while they are enjoying their time on top and you fixing the pop-out 😂
  3. congratulations @Jaro Tuzinsky, well done, enjoy the new level
  4. Congratulations @Karthik Raptor, well deserved my friend
  5. @varunmehndiratta I have looked into this in the early days when I bought my car and I don't think the Bestop need a workshop if you are a handyman, have a space to do this and a side kick to help. What I actually bought lately and recomend is this https://topliftpros.com/products/jeep-hardtop-removal-tool and its super convenient and quick 10 minutes to remove or put the hardtop back + easy to park under.
  6. Apologies doc @M.Seidam, i have to remove myself from the drive. worked hard during the week to get my ducks in order so I can join this one and get to catch up with you all 😁,unfortunately, something new came up and have to work tomorrow morning. sorry for last minute drop, enjoy sweihan guys.
  7. Congratulations @Haitham Khattab well done and deserved my friend 🙌🏼
  8. It was an unfortunate end for a good drive, seeing the LC70 disappear behind the dune. The 10 seconds of silence on the radio, not knowing what happened, seemed to be forever and hearing @M.Seidam asking Mohamed if he was awake and asking him to talk was hard to listen to. Well said, everyone; we are practising this extreme sport and cautious, with full attention and being safe is the way to go to minimise risks. God was with us all and especially with Mohammed, and lucky us to have @M.Seidam and @Hisham Masaad and such an amazing team which everyone did participate in the best way possible @Waqas Parvez mate you rock, @Zed@Zixuan Huang - Charlie@ASAD.@Imran Kashif@Daniel Yang@Karthik Raptor great job with getting Anwar well taking care of in your car and @Abdelghani Although I had to go for work after confirming with @M.Seidam , I couldn't leave before seeing Mohamed leaving safely with the ambulance after the medics confirmed that the pain was no more than a bruise because of the seatbelt when rolling over and happy to hear Mohammed explaining to @M.Seidam that his wallet was in the black and yellow Stanley bag meant to me that he is also in a full concentration. @Mohamad Anwer Happy to hear that you are safe and sound, and hopefully, you will put this behind your back soon so we can see on the sand again.
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