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  1. Happy birthday @Frederic.
  2. Liwa is called the Mecca of Offroaders and Beautiful but it is very challenging . Strapping and keeping all the goods fixed is very important.
  3. Congratulations @ASAD.bhai on the promotion. Mandi in Liwa
  4. Congratulations @Gary F on the promotion. Well done
  5. Congratulations @Fabien Monleau on the promotion. Well deserved
  6. Congratulations @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler on the promotion. Get ready to lose some calories!
  7. @varunmehndirattabhai I had seen it once seems pretty good with space. I have one below the driver seat but summer I nee suffer as I am unable to close the door. I am unable to tell you on the performance of it.
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