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  1. 2 hours ago, M.Seidam said:

    Dear Friends 


    the meeting point is updated https://goo.gl/maps/6YLAsg75T8U6agu3A

    we will be taking the reverse route starting from Nahel Side at E95 and ending at E16 

    this is going to be an interesting drive - short convoy.... maybe faster pace....

    @Lawrence_Chehimi  will be a pleasure to drive with you again after several months

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Frederic said:

    Hi @Abdul Mueed Mohammed welcome to the club !

    I would expect the LC300 with twin turbo to be a very capable offroader. @Michel Van Woudenberg drives one and can perhaps chip in. 

    The main issue might be the massive front bumper.

    @Abdul Mueed Mohammed welcome to the club.

    As @Frederic mentioned, @Michel Van Woudenberg used to drive one; I saw him driving in a couple of Fewbie + drives without any issues.
    Performance wise - he was super happy with the car.


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  3. 21 minutes ago, Abdul Mueed Mohammed said:

    I have just joined, i have recently purchased a new ford explorer ST. I was looking forward to go off road. Not sure if this car up for it. 

    @Abdul Mueed Mohammed hello mate.
    Ford Explorer is a capable car with the 'sand mode'; I started off-roading with my Explorer 2014 model.
    However, the ground clearance is not great, it is not a 4x4 without low gear, and you WILL get stuck.

    My suggestion - try the Explorer on flat sand and small dunes - you will enjoy the drive.
    Dont try to take in deeper into the desert, unless you are looking at some serious modifs.

    Could you share a pic of your on-road beast? LOL


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  4. 2 minutes ago, MMansoor said:

    @Srikumar I have to unfortunately withdraw from this drive, which has been happening for past few weeks😔 with other drives as well because of my head gasket issue which is taking time to fix, was expecting the car to be ready today. 


    I will miss this epic drive and the convoy. 

    @MMansoor well it seems that the garage is not trying to fix the issues mate!

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  5. 22 hours ago, M.Seidam said:

    Drive Report Sweihan Drives II 

    Dear Friends 

    Imteeaz  @Imteeaz

    Imran Kashif @Imran Kashif

    DP1011 , Deepak wrangler @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler

    Davie Chase @Davie Chase

    Tom B @Tom B

    Daniel Yang @Daniel Yang

    Looper @Looper

    What a wonderful day and what an amazing drive! Thank you dear friends for making the day so fantastic from the start till the end appreciate you punctuality despite the long distance you drove to the meeting point which speaks out loud about your passion and camaraderie🙏

    heading toward the rising sun enjoying the initial loops and twisty was of a good smooth warming up after which we took the pylon track to enter the desert again crossing and looping along the gravity in a crescendo pace as the dunes where getting larger and taller reminded me of little Sweihan but multiplied by 3 😅. The dunes where long range in a time and a lazy S shaped ridges which gave us a thrill riding them along their top. For a while the radio was silent letting the focus and enjoyment a hallmark sign of the drive till @Daniel Yangannounced that he started not to feel well. After a gentle break he preferred to exit from almost midway drive and luckily the track took him straight away to from where we started and was confirmed later by a phone call . 

    We continued our journey heading toward Ghafeteen Bowl 
    https://maps.app.goo.gl/Kz1NVcqKysuECr6u6?g_st=ic a huge oval shaped bowl as it looked to me . Where every one too a turn enjoying its super soft sidy in safe manner 


    existing the bowl heading to the track as planned and on the way we did continuous ridge riding and criss crossing till the content of our hearts 

    Along the trip we encountered few crests and refusals which gave us an opportunity to stretch our bodies😅

    @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler Your second lead was superb gave me the freedom to navigate especially in some tight areas. Thank you 🙏. Amazing pictures too 😊

    @Davie Chase I am glad making your 50th drive so memorable and joyful . Always pleasure driving with you.thanks for helping in the recoveries 🙏

    @Looper always pleasure having you in any drive. Thanks for keeping the convoy safe from the back as always 👍. Can’t wait to see your clip 😊

    @Imran Kashif @Imteeaz and @Tom B guys you all rocked today thanks for the accompany 

    till we meet again take care and see you soon 


    @M.Seidam  what a wonderful way to end this weekend - since the start the drive was promising, with all members being eager to 'hit' the dunes. 

    Following through your tracks was not an easy task, with soft sand and lots of technical terrain.

    The ride up the dunes was fun though; i could feel your anxiety to ensure that we all follow 'exactly' your tracks.

    THANK YOU Doc. for keeping us excited during the entire drive.

    @Daniel Yang  i hope that you are feeling better now mate - i just read on couple of other whatsapp groups that other drivers have been experiencing motion sickness as well....

    @Looper  you always bring this sense of responsibility to all of us - 'don't drive like it is your last drive'.  This resonates deeply with me (and i believe for all) whenever we venture out in the desert.

    @Davie Chase  i am sure that you were smiling while i was struggling to keep up with the pace.  thank you for being patient with me mate.

    @Imran Kashif  even with your passengers, you drove amazingly well mate.  it was fun to follow you.

    @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler  we will be definitely lost without you, while Doc was rushing in front.  your judgement in terms of keeping a proper distance between yourself and Doc was great.

    @Tom B last but not least - always fun to share our experience dealing with garages mate.  i have been working on your advice to keep the RPM below the cut-off limit when climbing the dunes; i still need to practice in coming weeks.  I am also looking into 'maybe' an ECU tune - lets see.

    I look forward to seeing the same gang on Sunday.

    Until then, enjoy your week.







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