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  1. Amazing event , the weather was wonderful , we had so much fun and laughter with family and friends. Thanks @Carnity and @Gauravfor making this event possible.. Thanks @Kailasfor the fun drive ,and @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler, @Looper, @Srikumar, @GauravSoni, @Mehmet Volga for the laughters and jokes. Cant wait for the next gathering. @GauravSoni we need to do the pajero bowl challenge 😂
  2. @Srikumar did that person made it on time ???! 😅😂
  3. Hi@Islam Soliman unfortunately i will have to drop this drive as i just noticed i have a leaking engine oil cap that will need to be replaced . have a safe and wonderful drive everyone.
  4. Oh my GOD... what have i missed 😭😢
  5. Hi@Srikumar unfortunately i had to drop the drive as i was unable to get rid of the work commitment ... 😢😭. Enjoy everyone and have fun and most importantly be safe. Hopefully nexttime
  6. Hi @Srikumar do you think we will be done around 14:30? As i will need to be in dubai around 18:00 for some work ?😢
  7. I am passed that point my friend ....now i am wondering how easy would it be to remove the doors 😂
  8. Very similar to an F1 Race.... milliseconds decides the winners... we should call it the monday F5 Race 🤣
  9. The moment of truth guys..the clock is ticking ⏰️ good luck 😂
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